Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One LONG overdue post!

Oh my gosh, you are all SO right! It’s official, we’re the worst bloggers yet. I feel totally guilty every time I get on here for not having posted anything in…drum roll….72 DAYS! One thing that I feel bad about is that I feel that an entry without pictures is totally unacceptable. The problem with that is that my camera is a gonner, Eric’s no longer takes anything but blurry pictures (he’s had it since his mission—11 YEARS!!), and we just never take any picture pictures with our video camera. Oh, I actually do have one on there of KJ and I with our dirt faces from the cabin that make us look like devils with really bad uni-brows!! I’ll have to have Eric show me how to get that picture off of there so I can post in on here. That is why I am asking for a camera from Eric for my birthday. Any suggestions? Something pretty nice with a big LCD screen on the back, but not too expensive? Let me know.

Seriously though, life has been pretty crazy around here. So, as most of you know I stayed back home in Missouri for two weeks to help my family pack. Boy, that was a lot of work. I was SO not looking forward to coming back here to move from our apartment into our Mile High house. But, surprise surprise, when I got back Eric and his family had moved everything into our house and it was almost all set up already! That was my cute husband’s anniversary present to me—how awesome is that! Too bad it got ruined when only a week later Provo City (JERKS!) told us we had to move back out because the property was deemed a dangerous property, and until all the repairs were completed we could not move back in!!! So, we moved yet again. Poor Eric.

So, these repairs that we have to do on this house are anywhere from $60K-$100K. SICK. So, we decided the best option was to re-list the house. We can still make a pretty good profit on it because we took so much risk out of the house by buying it and having a group of engineers come out and tell us what was going on. They let us know that no, the house was not sliding off the mountain! Phew! So, we’re trying to resell it right now. We’ve had two offers in and accepted that have fallen through, and now it’s under contract again for the third time. They want to close on August 9th, and so far everything seems to be in order. You never know though! But, what a happy day that would be!!:)

Now, onto the Payson house that Eric and Ryan did. It is finally closing…TOMORROW!!! Eric is in signing the closing docs as I write this!! YEAH! I am so excited to get that one done and closed. It wasn’t necessarily the best money making venture they’ve done, but they definitely have learned a lot. Apparently the Payson market isn’t as great as we had hoped. Oh well, live and learn, and onto the next one!

Speaking of the next one, the American Fork house that Eric has been working on is almost done! This one should be a great one. He’s been working really hard on it for about two months now. I have actually mowed the lawn over there twice! You should be proud of me…it’s actually a pretty big lawn. The first time I mowed it, I mowed it from like 2-4 in the afternoon. I’m an idiot! It was like 100 degrees outside! Then this time I got this huge blister. Whatever, I actually kinda like it, it looks really good when you’re done. That house has gone pretty smoothly, except we have the CRAZY painter. He is so funny looking…kinda tall, really really skinny, longer hair, all tanned like sick, old leather, and a serious chain smoker. He just didn’t show up for like 2 WEEKS! He’s good at what he does when he actually does something. Anyway, for some strange reason he tried to paint part of the outside of the house this bright Kelly green. It was the sickest thing I have ever seen. I have no idea what would possess him to think that that looked good! Apparently he was chain smokin’ something more than a lil tobacco. We nixed that, and went for something more traditional and safe—white. Sorry KJ, I know you said chocolate brown, but we just wanted to be safe!

As for everything else…my family is out here and doing well. Yes, we spent yet another day MOVING them in. I swear our whole month of May and June were consumed with moving. They live in a cute little place about two blocks from Eric and I. My brother Curtis brought my dad out here on the 4th of July. My dad has to stay in a nursing home for two months, because unless he does that to qualify for a home health care nurse, Utah has a 12 YEAR WAITING LIST!! You did read that right, 12 YEARS! Unbelievable. Anyway, he’s doing pretty well there. We did have a scare last week when his blood pressure suddenly dropped to like 60/40, when it should be around 120/80! They rushed him to the emergency room and hooked him up to some serious oxygen. The doctors in the ER were asking my mom what his end of his life plan was…meaning, did he have a living will and want to be hooked up to a resuscitator, or did he not want to be resuscitated! I guess you can only sustain life at that low of blood pressure for a short time, like minutes!! Anyway, they don’t really know what caused it, they think he might have gotten the flu…who knows. He then spent last week in the hospital, but is back at the nursing home now.

My dad got to come home and check out his apartment for the first time on Sunday. Eric and my brother Seth carried him into the car, and then into the house. He stayed and had dinner and got to stay for like 4 ½ hours! He loved it, first time at his home here in Utah!!

Most of you know this, but I did get that job working for the Nebo School district (Springville, Spanish Fork). I am a Communication Disorder Specialist. I have training the second week in August. They did have me assigned to an elementary school in Springville, but now they’ve asked me if I would do Mapleton Junior High. I think I would enjoy that, you work more with social issues as opposed to articulation problems. We’ll see what happens. I also have applied to be either the Springville High or Spanish Fork High School assistant volleyball coach. I think I would just love that. They haven’t called me for an interview or anything yet, so who knows what will happen with that. I think that would be awesome though. It would keep me so busy!

Oh and yes…my tomato plants. I planted like 8 (I think) tomato plants in Paul and Sue’s backyard. They are growing like crazy thanks to Paul who actually does all the work for them. I think they’re about ready for all the tomatoes on there to turn red. If anyone wants some tomatoes, feel free to grab some from Paul and Sue’s. We’ve had a few, and they are AWESOME! Also, Paul planted some corn back there, and it’s growing so fast too.

Alright, this is long enough for one post! Sorry, it’s actually WAY too long for one post. I am so dang sorry it’s taken me forever to get anything up here! I'll post some pictures soon.