Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary Baby!

Well it’s officially been one year from the day we were sealed for time and all eternity! Wow I can’t believe it flew by so fast. Everyone says the first year is the hardest one; if that’s true then we got a lot of great years ahead, because I think this was the best year of my life so far.

The thing I love most about our relationship is the wonderful friendship that we’ve cultivated. It grows naturally and unobstructed like true friendships do. All the cute little playful things we do together, the inside jokes personalized for just the two of us, and all the other little light hearted things we constantly do together enrich every day, making our marriage as fun as it is fulfilling. Because our love is genuine and independent of external influences, these loving gestures are just as consistent when we’re all alone as when we’re with others. This is the kind of friendship I always hoped for in marriage and am thrilled to say is ours!

I’m also grateful for your inspiring response to the devastating accident your dad had this year. As a husband I worried that I wouldn’t know how to respond and comfort you like you needed and that this might consequently cause bad feelings to come between us; like I’ve heard so many people say happens during a family crisis. But you seemed to perceive my feelings of inadequacy and with loving understanding you didn’t require of me that which I didn’t well know how to give. You let my best feeble efforts be good enough and I’m so grateful for that kind of patience and understanding. It makes me feel like a good husband which is every husband’s greatest concern.

I’m also grateful for your support of my chosen career in a self employed capacity which is so different from what you’re accustomed to. It takes a lot of faith on the part of a wife to give her husband that kind of freedom. If that wasn’t enough, you even act excited about it all.

Daily I love to sit back and watch you interact with others and when I consider your beautiful smile, naturally cheery temperament, hot body, etc, etc. I often think to myself, “Wow, I’m married to that woman.”

Thank you so much for being the woman of my dreams and showing me more and more with each new thing how truly lucky I am.

Love you forever baby! Happy 1st Anniversary!


The Day After

Well Bree and I just got back... scratch that, I just got back from Navoo where we went to see Seth (Bree's older brother) get married in the Navoo temple. It was a lot of fun even though it rained the whole time. I can't believe all the detail they put into that temple it's so cool. Even in the locker room they used walnut colored wood for the lockers and the locker doors all had old fashoned latches like those used back in the day. If you haven't been there ya gotta check it out.

Anyways, here's a picture of Seth on the plane ride back to Utah the day after he got married. He's lookin pretty tired, maybe he just had a long night or somethin.