Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is Your Baby This Smart?

Not to be too proud of our little genius, but Taylor is only 2 months old tomorrow and yet, she has learned seemingly spontaneously to follow my instructions word for word, first time out of the shoot, without any practice whatsoever. Notice how she doesn't even have to concentrate on what I'm saying, it's like she's not even listening to me, but with the expertize for which one searches in vain save in the Darold Treffert School For Savants, she follows my every command with hair splitting exactitude. "Hmm... what shall we do tomorrow baby Tay? Perhaps I'll teach you to drive the family car!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


First and foremost, Taylor slept for 7 HOURS LAST NIGHT!!! Then, woke up, ate, and slept for two more! That's right, I am one lucky mama. She is such a good baby, and I love her so much. She seems like she is getting SO big. The other day I visited my two friends' kids. One is 4 pounds, and the other is 6 1/2. Ever since then Taylor has seemed like a giant! Oh yeah, Taylor totally did the cutest giggle on Wednesday. She did it once for my dad, then again for Eric that night. But, she hasn't done it since. Also, she is becoming a champ at smiling, I just love it. Anyway, here are some random pictures that I love.

Oli holding baby Tay. She was so cute when she was holding her. She kept talking to her in the squeaky high pitched baby talk. She was saying, "Oh she so cute, I wuv hu", it was precious!

Taylor's cute swirly cowlick on the back of her head.

This was precious. We went to a friends house for a birthday party, and I was hanging out, chatting with the girls. We walked back into the livingroom to see what our hubby's were doing, and this is how we found them. Each holding their little baby! These babies were born May 5th, 10th, and 15th!! Check out the hair on the middle one...SOO CUTE!! I just love dads with their babies.
Taylor laying on my dad. She slept there for quite awhile!

Here we have smarty pants Nelson. I think this picture is hilarious! We put my sister Hannah's glasses on her, and basically she hated it...but I was cracking up. I'm such a mean mom!

Practicing her cute smile...I just LOVE IT!

She thinks Papa is just so funny!

My brother Curtis holding her.

Aunt Saren. She would sit and do this all day, every day if she could!

I also wanted to say HAPPY (early) FATHERS DAY to all you fathers. I have the best dad in the whole wide world. He is so easy to talk to, and has the best advice. He is never critical of me, and always shows me how much he loves me. I LOVE HIM! Also, Eric is the greatest dad. I'm sure if Taylor could talk she would agree. Anyway, happy fathers day!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick Question...

Ok, so in July my aunt, uncle and their three boys are coming into town. They will be spending 3-4 days here with us. But, they are flying in and out of Vegas, and will be spending a day there. We were going to look up some things to do while they were down in Vegas, but then I thought...I need to do a new blog anyway, so I'll ask them! So, what would you recommend doing in Vegas in one day?? What is the best kid stuff to do there? Their boys are ages 9, 6, and 3 (I think...somewhere around there). Also, if you have any suggestions about stuff in Utah county for kids, I would love to hear them.

A few things we've thought of in Utah county:
7 peaks waterpark
Thanksgiving Point petting zoo, Imax, and dinosaur museum
A "hike" and picnic in Provo Canyon (since they NEVER see the mountains in Missouri!)
Maybe a trip to Park City for the Alpine slides

I would love any ideas!

Also, we are blessing Taylor the last Sunday in June (the 28th). We will bless her in our old ward so my dad will be able to make it. Sacrament is at 9 (I know, early...sorry!). Let me know if you want directions. You're all welcome!!