Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Fall!

Fall is the best! I love it. I'm loving it even more down in Arizona. Seems like it didn't take us long to get acclimated to the warmer weather! ha. It actually doesn't even really feel like fall at 80-90 degrees, but we'll take it! We did take a quick trip up to Utah again. I swear every time I post we have gone to Utah...sweet. Anyway, it was super hot here, so we were excited for a little cooler weather, but got a little more than we bargained for. I think it snowed one day! ha. We had to buy Tay some warmer clothes! We surprised my family when we came up, so that was soo fun. Stopped in Cedar City to see Hannah and totally caught her off guard leaving work. Saren was super confused when she called the house and I answered, she thought she had just dialed the wrong number. We always love visiting our family.

Anyway, when we were there we took Tay to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving point. It was super cold and windy so we didn't stay too long, but we still had fun.

This is Tay with her "cousin" Claire. Someday they will like playing together. They totally don't get it yet! They're sure cute, though.

And this is what happens when your 18 month old learns how to climb up the chair onto the computer desk while you're not paying attention. Stinker!

Eric's mom came out for a week and we got to do some fun things with her! We went to the Arizona State Fair. Fairs are always sooo funny to me. The people that come out to people watching there! Tay LOVED the carousel. She went on it 5 times, I think.

The day Eric's mom left, my mom came! How fun. We got to carve pumpkins with Kjersten and her family. Tay loved the guts.

I love Eric's tongue in this picture. Total concentration.

I can NEVER get Tay to even look at me to take a picture, let alone smile. This picture is a rare one, so I had to post it! Pretty soon you'll see more than just those two teeth. Two new ones on the bottom and another one on top, making her now have 7 teeth! Sweet.

And finally we made it to Halloween. Tay was Dorothy. I had to take a gazillion pictures to even get a couple decent ones! I swear.

We went to our ward's trunk-or-treat. Tay had a great time. Eric took her around to the cars, and after the second car she wanted to do it all by herself. She would either hold her basket up for them, or set it on the ground so they would put their candy in it. She loved getting candy!

When we were leaving we put her in the car and were outside talking to Kjersten and Kevin. When we got back inside she had tried to chew through about every candy wrapper to get some chocolate! Silly girl. Also, the first thing she asked for when she woke up today was a sucker! Oh geez.

And this is the face of a happy girl! TWO suckers and drool all over her chin. Doesn't get much better than that! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!