Friday, January 28, 2011

245 Days of Life!

My baby girl is 8 months old today!! We love this little thang. She has a very different personality than Tay, so it's fun to see both of them. Here's some things about her...

*She LOVES food. But, now that I've given her 'big people food' she won't hardly touch the baby food. I guess I don't blame her. In fact, today for lunch she ate a whole bowl of Ramen. ha

*She can get pretty much anywhere she wants to go by doing this funny worm thing.

*She's super tough. When we got her shots I was watching her face and holding her, and the nurse started putting the band-aid on. I was really confused why she was putting it on before she even gave her the shot. But, she was actually already done and Ellie didn't seem to care one bit. That was awesome. Also, she gets beat up by Tay all the time. I mean, Tay plays with Ellie all the time, and sometimes it turns rough. ha. Tay grabs her by the stomach and rolls all over the floor with her. Sometimes Tay's on the bottom and sometimes Ellie is. She thinks it's funny. Whatever.

*Will NOT sleep anywhere but her bed and her room. Sometimes she'll sleep in another crib, but only if she's exhausted. She will not sleep at church, in the car, or pretty much anywhere else. But, she is generally happy to be awake. She will hardly make a peep all 3 hours of church, but she'll be sooo tired.

*She sleeps great in her bed. Still taking 3 naps (most of the time, if we're home for them). Sometimes sleeping through the night. This is about to end, though. I'm just not going in there anymore. Poor thing is just going to have to cry!:(

*Is generally a very happy baby, smiling at everyone. But, I'm pretty sure she's teething right now, which must be a very serious thing, because this girl is hard to crack these days.

*Is a HUGE mama's girl!! She follows me everywhere I go. Even if Eric's holding her and I walk out of the room she cries. This is a love/hate thing for me. It makes me feel good sometimes, and other times I can't get anything done unless I just let her cry. She even wants to sit on my lap and play with her toys, she does not want to play alone. Tay was definitely a daddy's girl, so this is fun for me!

*LOVES to be held. Tay always wanted down and to move around, but Ellie wants to be held and just watch.

*No teeth yet.

*Still nurses. She won't take formula, so we'll apparently be nursing until she's 1, which is just fine with me.

*Doesn't really love the car. Tends to get pretty fussy in there. I think this will change when we can turn her seat around and her and Tay can play together. At least here's to hoping:)

*LOVES, loves Tay. Every morning when I get her up she is looking around everywhere for Tay. They are soo cute together.

She has such a sweet temperment, we absolutely love her and could not ask for a better baby!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Excerpt...

Here's a part of the letter I sent to Hannah this week. I thought it was a good recap of our week. I HAVE TO, HAVE TO post stinking Christmas stuff!!! I swear I'll do it soon. Oh well. This will do for now...

Getting back to normal life after being gone is hard for me, but especially TAY! She's been a total stinker this week. I seriously got all crazy thinking we were out of this terrible 2 thing, and then this week happened;). Also, we've been pretty busy and she hasn't napped, so I'm sure that's part of the problem, because we all know, no matter how much sleep she NEEDS, she will wake up before 7...everyday! Oh the joys. Here's a sampling of some things she's said this week...

*Mom, take these wrappers off--wrappers=crust on bread.

*These dinosaurs are fessional (professional). Hmmm, yep Tay, they sure are professional dinosaurs. They're good at their job

*She did this little giggle and said, "Mom, I'm laughing so hard right now". What?? No you're not. ha

*I said to her, "Tay, say 'yo'" and she said, "yoke"

*I told her my legs were sore from working out, and she put her pointer finger in the air and said, "I have a great idea! I'll help your legs. Let me just go get my blanket." Apparently her blanket heals all things. Thank goodness for that!

*And today on the way home from church in the car Ellie was squealing and Tay said to her, "No Ellie, no. You're not a cowboy".

This week I took her to Disney on Ice. It was awesome. But, one downside was all the people walking around selling stuff. She wanted EVERYTHING. Each time I told her no. One time she said back to me, "I can just look at it then?" Yes, break my heart a little more why don't ya. So then I bought her some cotton candy, and it was TEN DOLLARS!!! I was going to die. And later we got up to go to the bathroom and came back, and boom, cotton candy gone. GONE. At Disney on Ice, someone stole our $10 cotton candy. Oh well. Lesson learned, I should have never bought it in the first place. Tay loved it. She was waving at all the princesses. She said, "I never want to go home". Too bad she got tired at the end and got all crazy and hit me. That made me mad. But, overall, a good night with the Tayster.

The next day we went to the zoo with some friends. Super super nice out. Like way nice. It was so nice to walk around. Tay and Ellie were both really, really good. Which way surprised me because I yelled at Tay on the way over for being super naughty and whiny, and it was smack in the middle of Ellie's nap. But, it was awesome, and they were great;).

Saturday we tried to go to Chuck E Cheese, and it was the worst. It had to have been a fire code violation there were SOOO many people in there. RIDICULOUS. I used to think that place was opinion may have just changed. But then again, the only times I've taken the kids there is at like 10 AM, and we're the only ones in there. That's the best! And, it's clean. So, another lesson learned.