Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Rare Sight

Hello my friends. I just had to share with you a glimpse that I was fortunate to have of one of those extremely rare occurances in nature of which only a select few have the luck, if you want to call it that, of being privy to. Much like seeing the Snow Leopard making a kill in the wild, or chancing upon a baby pigeon, or having the rare, inestimable luck of swimming at a public pool at the very same time that a black man is also swimming there, or the even less frequent privilege of having an intelligent conversation with a Democrat; I was fortunate to stumble upon a 7-11 which was temporarily CLOSED due to a power outage. Wow.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Ok, here's proof that, yes I do in fact have a belly! Also, here's to let you know we actually do have a real Christmas tree without beer cans all over it (although that tree was pretty special!)

Now, no laughing at my awesome face in that picture!

Here's our wonderful Christmas tree that takes up 3/4ths of our living room--SWEET!

Also, I have to warn you...I DID just buy some of those tall boots to either tuck/roll my jeans up! Laugh away, but there's no beating $15!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yes, it's official, WE'RE HAVING A GIRL! YEAH! We are so excited. On Friday we went to have our 20 week ultrasound (can you believe we waited that long?!?!) to figure this all out. According to my sister Saren, we were going to go have our ultrasound to figure out if she would be an aunt or an uncle!! Haha. She did later realize that she would always be the aunt, even if it was a boy:). She's so funny.

Yeah, for most of the beginning of my pregnancy we thought it might be a boy. Mostly, I think I'm just used to having the boys come first--that's how it was in my fam, and in Eric's. But, then like 2 days before the ultrasound Eric and I were sitting on the couch and I said to him, "I think it's a girl", and he totally agreed. So, my motherly instincts kicked in just in time! Phew! Now for the hard part--PICKING A NAME! Seriously, what is up with that. I think girl names are WAY harder to pick from, anyone agree? Eric says we might just go with Hillary C. Nelson...what do you think?? AHHHHH!! But, I'm warning you now, her head of hair (or lack there of) will never live up to Claire's cute curly hair, or Derek and Dillon!

Eric thinks her profile looks like me...can you tell that early?? I doubt it. But we are hoping she comes out a mellow little thing like Eric, and totally right brained, cuz we know her mamma didn't get any of that!

Ok, one thing I could use a little help on is her room! We really want to buy an unfinished crib and changing table (I know they sell them at Ikea) so we/Sue (hopefully!!) can help us stain them black. Then, I want the main color of the room to be red--well, like splashes of red pillows, a red blanket over the rocking chair, then with black and white and red pictures in the room. So, if any of you see any cute bedding, or pictures, or unfinished cribs, or ANYTHING you think would look so cute in there, let me know! Just post on here and tell me where I can look. You guys are awesome!

Ok, I think that's all, I'll have to put some pics of myself up here...I've definitely got a belly goin on!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't Judge A Tree By It's Cover

Wow looking at all your Christmas tree pictures has got me thinkin that maybe I should strip mine down and start all over. Oh now I see the difference, I just need to add some lights! Cool, thanks for the great ideas everyone! Let us know if there's anything else we should add to make our tree bring in the Christmas spirit more.

Here how it's lookin so far...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Can I Blame it on Being Pregnant?!?

I don't know what the heck is going on with me, but I'm hoping it can all be blamed on this whole pregnancy thing! Ok, so a couple weeks ago I had like the most awkward week ever! First, I went and got a flu shot. That wasn't too bad, but my arm was a little sore. When I got home I decided to go running around the neighborhood. The sidewalk where I was running was a little uneven, and some leaves were covering it, but that is still no excuse. I totally wiped out! I didn't want to look at it, because you know when you look at it, all the sudden it hurts way more! I took a look at it when I got home, and there were two big gashes in my knee and blood running down my leg. I also got it pretty bad on one of my hands! I would've taken a picture, but we don't really have a working camera right now. It was pretty cool looking. But geez, I never noticed how much you bend and move your knee, I swear it was hurting ALL day long. No big deal, it's all better now.

Then, after that I was putting away the dishes, and dropped and broke TWO bowls! Yeah, I couldn't just stop with one, I had to get two of them!! Then, I was cutting apples for dinner and totally sliced my finger with the knife! Dang, that sure was a bad day!

Not too many stories since then, except for I went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe with my mom and sisters and I was cutting that really hard bread there, and I don't know exactly what happened, but yes, I did stab myself with the BREAD and my finger was totally bleeding!! How funny.

Other than that, I have nothing exciting to report. I feel great, and am sooo excited for Thanksgiving break. We get to find out what we're having on December 14th, and I can't wait!! Hope to see a lot of you over Thanksgiving, and everyone travel safely!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

iPod Question for ya'll

Hey people,
I was just trying to load some movies on my iPod and Lyd helped me find the software that does all that and stuff (PS Thanks!) and I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete the movies from your computer without having the iPod delete it from itself the next time you sink the iPod with iTunes. It's like it looks to see if the file is still on the computer and if it doesn't find it then it just says, "sorry dude, ya can't have this on your iPod anymore." I think it must be some setting or something that I need to change. If anyone knows about that stuff, shoot me a note.
Thanks, Eric

Monday, October 22, 2007

We're Cool Too!

I guess to be cool you gotta have a picture of Jack Skellington on your blog so here he is!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Viva Mexico!

We are the Hermanos Macho Nachos. (Ry in Pink, Eric in Green/Red)
We got back from Guanajuato Mexico last week and had a rad time hanging out with our aunts Carleen and Aleda and staying at their awesome Haciendas, show offs! Their houses are way cool, gotta get one some day; complete with stone arches, hand crafted iron gates, old wood doors, barrel vaulted brick ceilings, scorpions, etc., all enclosed in a 12 foot stone wall and courtyard just for the heck of it.
We really wanted to go see some sweet authentic Mexican Lucha Libre, but we missed it by one day dangit.
Bet you all wish you could have gone to Mexico too but you didn't, and we did but you guys weren't there, but we were, and you all stayed in the US, but we went to Mexico. Watch me get diareah for saying that, oh crap, I just did. Bet you all wish you had diareah like me but you don't, but I do and you guys only get to take a normal crap but I get to burn every hour while you all get to do what ever you want without thinking about running to the bathroom really soon, but I get to check my email and try to wait an extra second to finish reading it then crap my pants when I try to get up, but you guys don't get to do that kinda stuff like me couz I went to Mexico and drank an authentic limonada made with bacteria water. Frick!
I didn't really want to write all this I just wanted to post the picture of the Nacho Macho. Layta Skatas.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Well hello everyone! Let’s see, where did I last leave off? Oh yes, I was 5 weeks on the prego side. Since my last post I have felt really great. Only a few days where I haven’t been too excited about how I feel, a little stomach pain and a lovely head cold. For this very reason I started getting nervous, thinking that maybe I was making this whole pregnant thing up. I thought, how embarrassing is this going to be when I go to my first doctor’s appointment, and the lady’s all…And you’re here because? So, I got to my appointment, and told the lady that I had this weird fear that I wasn’t really pregnant. The doctor said that that wasn’t a weird fear because she has to tell at least one girl A DAY that they aren’t pregnant! What?! Anyway, so she said just to make me feel better she would do an ultrasound so we could SEE the baby! I was sooo excited. So, Eric and I got to see our little peanut head (we call it this because it looks just like a peanut). You can see the head and feet/tail! I so wish we had a scanner so I could show it to you guys! It’s little heart was beating like a million times a minute. It was awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing for some reason, and it kept shaking the ultrasound thing all over da place. Anyway, then I got to have a lovely pap smear and lots of blood work—oh so fun! So, I am currently 10 ½ weeks along (that ½ is really important to me!).

For some strange reason people keep finding it necessary every time they ask me how I’m doing and I say great, they think they need to tell me, “Oh just wait, it gets way worse. I was great during my first trimester too, then it turned out awful!” Seriously, is that necessary? Why would you tell me that…can’t you just let me have a great pregnancy?! Huh, huh?! My gosh, it drives me nuts. Or the people who are like…Oh man, you have a LONG way ahead of you! I swear, if I were complaining about it then you could say that to me, but I don’t say anything to them, and they have to say that to me. So dumb. Anyway, enough of that.

I am finally starting to get into the routine of my job. It has taken me a long time to adjust…at least it feels like it to me. It’s weird going from being in school all the time where you can kind of choose if you want to go, or when you want to do what to something where it’s hours upon hours of the same thing, and you HAVE to go no matter what. Also, it’s been hard for me because I know that as soon as I have my baby I’m not working anymore for who knows how long (hopefully A LONG time!), so it just seems so temporary to me that I haven’t been putting my heart into it. But, I do love most of the kids. I have some pretty annoying ones too, but the little kids are so dang cute. Also, every other week I switch off and work in the preschool doing speech lessons and centers, and that is so fun. It’s a completely autistic preschool in the morning (which is very challenging—all nonverbal!), and then the afternoon class is all kids that have some sort of disability, usually pretty severe. So, it proves for some interesting days in there…but they are sooo cute!

So, as some of you know a couple weeks ago I spent a lame week by myself while Eric was with his fam in Mexico! Blasted job…yet another reason I’m excited to not work for a long time. It was a long week, but it really wasn’t horrible, I spent tons of time hanging out with my family, then had two girls nights that weekend. Still though, I so wish I could’ve been with all of them!

Anyway, enough for now. I’ll see some of you in Vegas for Chelsea’s wedding, and those of you who I don’t see, we seriously need to have a girls night—that’s you too Mandy and Alli!! No excuses!! Just kiddin, we should come to you, especially when it starts to get all sick and cold here!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hurray We're Prego!!!

What?!? So, I thought I'd jump on the baby bandwagon! Here I am, and now Claire will have a sweet 2nd cousin (??) to play with! I know, I am SO worse than Veronica at keeping secrets...because I'm only 5 weeks along! I totally thought I was 6, then nope, someone can't count! Anyway, our little thang is due May 2nd! We were going to wait for a lot longer to tell people, but the whole problem was that Saren was over at our house when I took the pregnancy test (almost as a joke!), and I was freaking out. So, she was like, "What, what's going on?". So, of course I had to tell her. Then, once she knew, I knew it wouldn't stay a secret for very long. So instead of everyone finding out from her, we decided we should just open our big fat mouths and tell everyone!! Whatever, it's so fun!

I feel awesome. I feel like I have more energy than I've had in a long time. What is that about?! Probably just so freakin excited. I really hope I don't feel sick; but my mom was only sick with one of hers, so hopefully I have her genes!! I really wanted to be married for 2 years before we had a baby, but it's ONE WEEK before our two year anniversary--that can totally count, right?!?! I'm counting it anyway.

My mom, who I was most nervous about tellin, was the MOST excited of all (except for maybe Saren)!! She is so happy. I haven't seen her this happy in so long. So, that is awesome news.

Other than that, my job is going great. We start actually doing therapy after Labor Day. That will be way better than all the paperwork that I've been having to do. But, then I have to do lesson plans and homework and all that crap. Not really sure what's going to happen at the end of the year when I have the baby, because school doesn't get out until May 29...but looks like they're just going to have to be ok without me (which I'm sure won't be a problem!!).

I am really excited/nervous to be a freaking mom, I can't believe it. Eric is really excited, but I think he's a little bit in denial too!:) Anyone wanna place some bets on the gender??

Here's us being retarted on the camera as we talk about it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Flip Finished!

Sweet! We're finally finished with the American Fork Flip (except for some finishing touches) and I just listed it today so we'll see how it goes. It stared out looking pretty ghetto, but after a lot of work and kicking the painter's butt a few times it's looking like something I'd move into. What am I talking about, I'd move into anything called a house!

Anyways like all the other houses we've done we always want to move into it when we're done, but gotta build up the cash first, one of these days! Sorry I don't have any before pictures, but here are the after ones.

Here's the cute little porch where the cute little mexicans can sit and drink their Tecate con Limon.
Elegant baby.
Here's half of the kitchen cabinets, the rest are on the other wall. The tile is all laid "on point" or on the "diagonal". It's a pain in the butt when you get to where it meets the walls because there's twice as many cuts and they're all triangles (add's another 10% to the square footage of tile you need to buy), but it sure looks cool when it's done!

I'll post some before pictures real soon for the house we just closed on today (also in AF). It's a lot smaller but we'll probably make the same amount or more than on this one because we're getting it for such a good deal. You definately make the money when you buy it not when you sell it.

I crack up watching these people on "Flip This House" because half of them have no clue what they're doing. How they can justify spending 800 grand to make 50 blows my mind! I also crack up how they always say they're making X amount in profit when in actuality they forget the 7-8% in real estate fees that come right off the top and another 35-40% in short term capital gains tax that goes to you silent 50/50 partner Uncle Sam; in other words they really make only half of whatever they say the real profit is.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One LONG overdue post!

Oh my gosh, you are all SO right! It’s official, we’re the worst bloggers yet. I feel totally guilty every time I get on here for not having posted anything in…drum roll….72 DAYS! One thing that I feel bad about is that I feel that an entry without pictures is totally unacceptable. The problem with that is that my camera is a gonner, Eric’s no longer takes anything but blurry pictures (he’s had it since his mission—11 YEARS!!), and we just never take any picture pictures with our video camera. Oh, I actually do have one on there of KJ and I with our dirt faces from the cabin that make us look like devils with really bad uni-brows!! I’ll have to have Eric show me how to get that picture off of there so I can post in on here. That is why I am asking for a camera from Eric for my birthday. Any suggestions? Something pretty nice with a big LCD screen on the back, but not too expensive? Let me know.

Seriously though, life has been pretty crazy around here. So, as most of you know I stayed back home in Missouri for two weeks to help my family pack. Boy, that was a lot of work. I was SO not looking forward to coming back here to move from our apartment into our Mile High house. But, surprise surprise, when I got back Eric and his family had moved everything into our house and it was almost all set up already! That was my cute husband’s anniversary present to me—how awesome is that! Too bad it got ruined when only a week later Provo City (JERKS!) told us we had to move back out because the property was deemed a dangerous property, and until all the repairs were completed we could not move back in!!! So, we moved yet again. Poor Eric.

So, these repairs that we have to do on this house are anywhere from $60K-$100K. SICK. So, we decided the best option was to re-list the house. We can still make a pretty good profit on it because we took so much risk out of the house by buying it and having a group of engineers come out and tell us what was going on. They let us know that no, the house was not sliding off the mountain! Phew! So, we’re trying to resell it right now. We’ve had two offers in and accepted that have fallen through, and now it’s under contract again for the third time. They want to close on August 9th, and so far everything seems to be in order. You never know though! But, what a happy day that would be!!:)

Now, onto the Payson house that Eric and Ryan did. It is finally closing…TOMORROW!!! Eric is in signing the closing docs as I write this!! YEAH! I am so excited to get that one done and closed. It wasn’t necessarily the best money making venture they’ve done, but they definitely have learned a lot. Apparently the Payson market isn’t as great as we had hoped. Oh well, live and learn, and onto the next one!

Speaking of the next one, the American Fork house that Eric has been working on is almost done! This one should be a great one. He’s been working really hard on it for about two months now. I have actually mowed the lawn over there twice! You should be proud of me…it’s actually a pretty big lawn. The first time I mowed it, I mowed it from like 2-4 in the afternoon. I’m an idiot! It was like 100 degrees outside! Then this time I got this huge blister. Whatever, I actually kinda like it, it looks really good when you’re done. That house has gone pretty smoothly, except we have the CRAZY painter. He is so funny looking…kinda tall, really really skinny, longer hair, all tanned like sick, old leather, and a serious chain smoker. He just didn’t show up for like 2 WEEKS! He’s good at what he does when he actually does something. Anyway, for some strange reason he tried to paint part of the outside of the house this bright Kelly green. It was the sickest thing I have ever seen. I have no idea what would possess him to think that that looked good! Apparently he was chain smokin’ something more than a lil tobacco. We nixed that, and went for something more traditional and safe—white. Sorry KJ, I know you said chocolate brown, but we just wanted to be safe!

As for everything else…my family is out here and doing well. Yes, we spent yet another day MOVING them in. I swear our whole month of May and June were consumed with moving. They live in a cute little place about two blocks from Eric and I. My brother Curtis brought my dad out here on the 4th of July. My dad has to stay in a nursing home for two months, because unless he does that to qualify for a home health care nurse, Utah has a 12 YEAR WAITING LIST!! You did read that right, 12 YEARS! Unbelievable. Anyway, he’s doing pretty well there. We did have a scare last week when his blood pressure suddenly dropped to like 60/40, when it should be around 120/80! They rushed him to the emergency room and hooked him up to some serious oxygen. The doctors in the ER were asking my mom what his end of his life plan was…meaning, did he have a living will and want to be hooked up to a resuscitator, or did he not want to be resuscitated! I guess you can only sustain life at that low of blood pressure for a short time, like minutes!! Anyway, they don’t really know what caused it, they think he might have gotten the flu…who knows. He then spent last week in the hospital, but is back at the nursing home now.

My dad got to come home and check out his apartment for the first time on Sunday. Eric and my brother Seth carried him into the car, and then into the house. He stayed and had dinner and got to stay for like 4 ½ hours! He loved it, first time at his home here in Utah!!

Most of you know this, but I did get that job working for the Nebo School district (Springville, Spanish Fork). I am a Communication Disorder Specialist. I have training the second week in August. They did have me assigned to an elementary school in Springville, but now they’ve asked me if I would do Mapleton Junior High. I think I would enjoy that, you work more with social issues as opposed to articulation problems. We’ll see what happens. I also have applied to be either the Springville High or Spanish Fork High School assistant volleyball coach. I think I would just love that. They haven’t called me for an interview or anything yet, so who knows what will happen with that. I think that would be awesome though. It would keep me so busy!

Oh and yes…my tomato plants. I planted like 8 (I think) tomato plants in Paul and Sue’s backyard. They are growing like crazy thanks to Paul who actually does all the work for them. I think they’re about ready for all the tomatoes on there to turn red. If anyone wants some tomatoes, feel free to grab some from Paul and Sue’s. We’ve had a few, and they are AWESOME! Also, Paul planted some corn back there, and it’s growing so fast too.

Alright, this is long enough for one post! Sorry, it’s actually WAY too long for one post. I am so dang sorry it’s taken me forever to get anything up here! I'll post some pictures soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary Baby!

Well it’s officially been one year from the day we were sealed for time and all eternity! Wow I can’t believe it flew by so fast. Everyone says the first year is the hardest one; if that’s true then we got a lot of great years ahead, because I think this was the best year of my life so far.

The thing I love most about our relationship is the wonderful friendship that we’ve cultivated. It grows naturally and unobstructed like true friendships do. All the cute little playful things we do together, the inside jokes personalized for just the two of us, and all the other little light hearted things we constantly do together enrich every day, making our marriage as fun as it is fulfilling. Because our love is genuine and independent of external influences, these loving gestures are just as consistent when we’re all alone as when we’re with others. This is the kind of friendship I always hoped for in marriage and am thrilled to say is ours!

I’m also grateful for your inspiring response to the devastating accident your dad had this year. As a husband I worried that I wouldn’t know how to respond and comfort you like you needed and that this might consequently cause bad feelings to come between us; like I’ve heard so many people say happens during a family crisis. But you seemed to perceive my feelings of inadequacy and with loving understanding you didn’t require of me that which I didn’t well know how to give. You let my best feeble efforts be good enough and I’m so grateful for that kind of patience and understanding. It makes me feel like a good husband which is every husband’s greatest concern.

I’m also grateful for your support of my chosen career in a self employed capacity which is so different from what you’re accustomed to. It takes a lot of faith on the part of a wife to give her husband that kind of freedom. If that wasn’t enough, you even act excited about it all.

Daily I love to sit back and watch you interact with others and when I consider your beautiful smile, naturally cheery temperament, hot body, etc, etc. I often think to myself, “Wow, I’m married to that woman.”

Thank you so much for being the woman of my dreams and showing me more and more with each new thing how truly lucky I am.

Love you forever baby! Happy 1st Anniversary!


The Day After

Well Bree and I just got back... scratch that, I just got back from Navoo where we went to see Seth (Bree's older brother) get married in the Navoo temple. It was a lot of fun even though it rained the whole time. I can't believe all the detail they put into that temple it's so cool. Even in the locker room they used walnut colored wood for the lockers and the locker doors all had old fashoned latches like those used back in the day. If you haven't been there ya gotta check it out.

Anyways, here's a picture of Seth on the plane ride back to Utah the day after he got married. He's lookin pretty tired, maybe he just had a long night or somethin.

Monday, April 30, 2007

A Lot of Sweet Stuff...

Ok, I'm the worst at posting...but I've been having way too much fun to sit down and look at these boring blogs! Just kiddin, I totally blog stalk, and I love love love to read everyone else's, I've just been too lazy to write anything.

First things first, biggest news EVER! Some of you know this, but some of you don't....drum sweet family is MOVING TO UTAH!!!! That's right, for good. My sisters and mom are flying out June 5th. My dad will be going back into the rehab place that we love in Missouri while my mom looks for a house and a job. Speaking of that, if any of you know of any job openings around here, let me know. Then, once they find a place and get somewhat settled then I think the plan is to have my bro Curtis fly out here with my dad (Curt's not moving out here, he'll be staying in MO to go to school). How fun is that?!?! I am really excited to have them out here, and be able to feel like I can physically contribute more to help em out.

Next, I got to go to Disneyland FOR THE FIRST TIME!! And shame on me for not going before. I loved every second of it. It was a total girly trip which was so fun. I hate to say it, but California Adventure rides were sweeter. But, you're right, the atmosphere at DL was WAY better. I think my favorite ride was the rollercoaster at CA, then Tower of Terror, and the Indiana Jones ride. Oh so fun. I'm sure you've all seen pics on Lydia's blog, so I won't post any. Oh, and those of you going this week...HAVE SOO MUCH FUN!

Now, onto some more sweet things, I GRADUATED!! Took all my finals (which were freakin easy this time--which is a first!), and aced my classes. I graduated in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (say that 5 times fast--without getting a speech impediment:) ). Now what you may ask?? GREAT question. Someone tell me! I'm applying for some jobs in the school systems, and some jobs through BYU (I'm a little hesitant to post it, because chances are I won't get any, but who cares!). If nothing pans out, secretary for Got Crap it is!!:) Seriously, if nothing works out I may think the Lord is trying to tell me something, I dunno! Anyway, Cheney did a great job speaking, in fact, all the speakers were excellent. President Hinckley, Elder Scott, and Elder Bednar were there as well. Thursday's comencement was sooo good. I'm really glad I went, even though we got there at 1, and it didn't start till 4!!! It was a long day. Friday's graduation where I actually walked was pretty good too, although I didn't enjoy it as much as Thursday's. But, it was so fun to see all my buddies again! So, here are a couple pictures, one of me (obviously), and the other of a Cheney protestor (so gay). THANK YOU everyone who were able to come, and THANK YOU to those of you who I know would have been there if you could (KJ and Sue:) ).

Another cool thing...Eric's parents got us a 2 night stay and the Grand America in Salt Lake. It was soo beautiful. We just relaxed. Slept in, went to lunch, went shopping, watched TV, worked on my Sunday School lesson, went to dinner, and watched a movie--fabulous!! I'll put a pic of that too.

What else....Eric and I are leaving Wednesday for Nauvoo for my brother's wedding--how cool is that?!?! I'll update you on that when I get back. Oh yes, and another cool thing I have to brag about...I ran 3 miles on the treadmill the other day in 28 minutes! I was so dang proud of myself--but I remembered that I HATE running. Why did I do it?? Just to say I did.

That's it for now--have a great week all'yall.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

America's Next Top "Lame Show"

So I’m watching the show America’s Next Top Model the other day; what a freekin joke! I bet you anything this all started with some producer guy who told his friend, “Man models are so lame, they’ll do anything just to get the job no matter how stupid, and what’s even worse, they’ll be totally serious!” BAM … new show!

The whole point of the show I think is to make these girls look as stupid as they can, then slam em down when they don’t pull it off (if such a thing can realistically be pulled off). Take for example the “Drowned Rat” photo shoot. “I’m sorry Cassandra, I just don’t know what to tell you! When you were trying to portray that drowning rat I just… (breathing in through teeth) didn’t feel it. I didn’t believe you were actually drowning in the sewer… I’m sorry, you won’t be America’s Next Top Model. (sad music) Take your things and leave please.” (Somber music, girl exits while sobbing).

I guarantee Tyra Banks is busting up laughing as the girls are going all out on these retarded shoots. I think the comments from the girls are just as ridiculous. “Well Brittany, you’ve just finished your “Birthing Rhino” shoot…” “Uh huh.” “And Brittney I have to be honest…. (long pause with tense music) … You Nailed It!!!!” (girl screams for joy) “So how did you do it?” “Well I was just thinking to myself if I was a rhinoceros in labor, like how would I feel, or more importantly… how would I look? So I just acted like it was real and I guess I pulled it off! Yeeee! Sorry, ha, ha. I’m just soooo happy!”

Gay! Gay! Gay!

One thing I have to admit though, this Jaslene girl knocked the “Laser Beam” shoot right out of the park! Is she a girl or is she a green lasar? I can’t tell! Dang she’s good! Pffft.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The World's Greatest Fraud "Copernicus the Liar"

There once was a guy who everyone thought was smart, his name was Copernicus. For those who don't know who I'm talking about perhaps this will refresh your memory.

Remember now?

Lookin a little fishy there Coperno, got some lies cookin behind those shifty eyes?

Anyway, he had a lot of fanciful theorys and wore fanciful tights. His lies about the universe sounded really good but were nothing more than a little fuzzy puffy ball with perfume smells and little litter things. Something about the Earth revolving around a big ball of fire that he so conveniently called the sun. Yackity Shmackity blah blah blah... looked something like this;

His daughter thought it looked better like this;

I agree.

"Oooh the center has to be HOT the center has to be HOT and I run around with wimpy tights like a skinny little fairy boy!" -Copernicus-

That's only because back in his day he'd never experienced one of these guys;

"Brain Freeze!"

This guy will stimulate your mind to a whole new reality and mental awareness. You can literally feel your brain thinking about the coldness; hurts like hell frozen over! Where's the heat now Copernicus? Maybe it wasn't his fault he never had the opportunity, because for a thousand years or so the Polish lost the recipe for ice. This was known as the dark ages and consequently everyone was mad as heck. Check it out;

"Cut this cursed warm brain out PLEASE"! -Knight-

We are more fortunate thank goodness. So the next time you enjoy a "Brain Freeze" few in the world's history have ever enjoyed; ponder the truth that I have come to know and join with me as I say;

The Truth. The End.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A lil update...

Well, here they are, a little before and after haircut fun. Now that I look at these, I think I like the long hair better...but, I think we always want what we don't have.

Ok, sorry about the depressing picture with my dad, but it's the first long-hair picture that I saw. But, since he's up there, I'll give you a little update. He was in this awesome rehab facility, but for some lame $$ reason they only keep patients for 30 days, then they send them home for 30 days before they can reapply to come back into the rehab place. So, he had to leave Rusk Rehab the middle of this month. But, he can't come home yet, because he still needs like 16 hours of nursing care, plus our house isn't handicap equipped, so he couldn't even get around. So lucky him, he's at a nursing home:(. But, last Monday he did get to come home for 3 hours...the first time home since October!

He's been learning how to get himself around on his powered wheelchair. They basically strap his arm to the chair, and he kinda flings his wrist till he can get himself to where he wants to go. When I went home in February he was getting pretty good at it. I have a little video clip of him wheelin in his wheelchair that I'll put on here soon. Anyway, his attitude is great...he's just sooo dang bored.

My mom is working really hard, and trying to keep up with everything. She is doing really well though.

As for me...I have one fat paper and two tests left before I graduate!! One month and 2 days. I am so excited. After that, then what?? I think I'll just get pregnant!!:) Just kidding, kind of. No, I'll probably look for a full-time job to stay busy. If you hear of anything, let me know. Oh, and I HATE taxes!!! That's it for now!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Making of The New (old) Dump Truck "Oscar the Grouch"

Well... we finally got our new dump truck done which should save us a butt "load" on dumpster fees (approx $750+ per house). Ry and I decided to paint the truck in a cool black with hot lime green trim/racing stripes in honor of Oscar the Grouch; since the truck's main job is to haul trash! P.S. Let us know if any of you see a cool metal Oscar mineature we can weld on as a hood ornament. Here is a timeline of our progress so you can enjoy the bloody, sweaty journey with us.

Making of the Box.

Ry grinding.

Still grinding.

Ry welding, and my sweet comments.

Box almost complete.

Box on the truck. Yep we lifted the whole frame on the truck ourselves, actually we flipped the truck upside down on top of the box, then welded it, then flipped it back over on the wheels. Did I mention that we carved the box frame from a single block of steel?

On the next blog you'll actually be able to see the truck painted and in action! Also stay tuned to Ry's blog for a cool clip of him grinding his face off with a high speed wire brush that turned his face into hangiburger until we welded his chin back on. Blood, sweat, and tears baby... but could you give less for such a sexy piece of machinery?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A bumb broke in da House!

Don't you hate it when you put a house on the market and some bumb kicks the door in and turns the heat up to 80 degrees and camps out in your house, peeing in your toilet or tub or whatever? Yah... me too.

This video is a little shot of what the sucker did to our door... freek'n hoser. It wouldn't have taken too long to fix except my tools were 40 miles away; it looks sweet now though! It looked sweeter before I had to fix it.

Don't worry though cuz I boobie trapped the door so the next time Chester Copperpot opens it he'll get a pound of dog crap chucked on his face with an automatic clay pigeon slinger. Hold on a second my phone's ringing....

#@%?! It was a realtor who just tried to show the house! His fault for not calling first... crazy poop face.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This Fire Station Sucks!

So I'm driving around looking at some properties in Draper and I come up on this firestation that's missing like half of the roof. Turns out it burned down! The secretary said the firefighters were getting sick of always having to answer questions from news reporters at the scene of fires and in a last effort attempt to secure some peace and quiet they came back from a routein run and tortched the place.
To their utter dismay a bunch of news teams swarmed in and they spent the next couple hours answering questions. The thought process that led these firefighters to do the unthinkable seems to stem from a new air born japanese subway virus that makes the brain rationalize in opposites! They suspect this is what let Brittney Spears to shave her head in a desperate effort to turn the paparazzi's attention away from herself.

A little nervous...

Ok, so tomorrow's the big freakin day! I'm choppin all my hair off!! Well, not all, but I was thinkin somethin shoulder length...what do you guys think?? Got any fun suggestions??? I'm also gonna do some highlights. Tell me, tell me, what do you think?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Master Bedroom Mahem

Well I thought I'd give you all a little taste of what I do all day. Not really; but this is a little glimps from the shower's view of our new mater bedroom as I reek havoc on the ceiling couz I swore that cocroach ran in that little hole in the ceiling. "Look at all these roaches, surrounding me every day, I just need some time, some time to get away." Anyone know who sang that?

Sometimes when working gets monotonous you just gota bust out the camera and screw around.

Bree's Quote of the Week

"I have to take lots of naps because I worked so hard in the pre-mortal life."

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nelson/Christensen Quote Trivia

Who said this: Ha, ha! You ate that like you thought it was a booga!

Eric & Ry Flip That House

Y'all have heard of the new house flipping craze eh, well Ry and I just flipped a house in Payson, UT and we're just waiting to get it sold. It was a real cool house that strangly used to be the home of a prominent phisician who used the basement as his hospital. We found all kinds of wierd turn of the century surgical equipment that faired more like midevil torture devices. So we cast Satan out and began the remodle. We probably did a little more to the house than we needed, but it was a good learning curve, a fun project, and turned out great. This is a clip of Ry Dog spraying some of the new trim in the lower torture dungeon where the screams of the dead can still be heard pleading for novicane to be shot into their miserable corpses with large rusty steel syringes. The guy with the paint roller is really Hanible Lector, which we didn't find out until he signed his check! No wonder he kept licking the floor where we found all the human fluids. Huh...wierd.

Cat Kill'n Christmas Eve

Check out little Spencer Man and I as we rain down hellfire on Milly Girl and take away 4 of her 8 misley little lives; Bah ha ha ha ha! But this cat is way too cool under fire; how many battles has this masochist seen!? "Hello, my names Milly Kitty, this video reminds me of Nam when I used to eat Friskie Bullets for breakfast!"

The Heavenly Slurpee

All of this slurpee talk got me thinking about how famous people probably are addicted to slurpees just like us common folk. Then I remembered that song from "Amy Grant's Christmas" entitled "Breath of Heaven (slurpee)" What was it she said about the Heavenly Slurpee...

Friday, February 23, 2007

The New and Upcoming Blogtacular!

So the totally wierd thing about this whole blogg stuff is that you can go like a year without talking to a member of your family and probably know more about them than if you talked to them all the time! So I'm going to try out a new experiment, no one can call anyone else until like the 4th of July. And we'll plan a picnic or something in St. George and see if everyone brought the stuff they were supposed to and the only way we could have known what to bring is by doing the blog. We can even see if it works like if we wanted kjersten to not only bring the green chilis, but to bring the "diced Ortega green chilis in the 8 oz. can" we could post it on the blog and see if that's what she really brings to the picnic! How crazy! If she really did bring it...wait a second, is she reading this or you, who am I talking to? I'll have to figure this out, but until then... if (she/you)really did bring it then (we'd/you'd/she'd) be on to something!

Just playin. My wife will probably erase this before anyone else can read it, but I'm just seeing how this works. I think we'll have some cool home made movies coming up here in the next day or so, so stay tuned to