Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can't Decide

So, I keep going back and forth as to who Taylor looks the most like. Sometimes I think she really looks like Eric, then sometimes I think it's me. Maybe she's just a perfect mix. Tell me what you think...

Eric at 4 months (such a chunker!:))
Me at 3 months (my mom's gonna love this...also, look at all of my dad's hair!)
Taylor at 6 months

Now here are just a couple of fun pictures of Tay:

She definitely loves her prunes! Gotta love those diapers after the prunes!
One night I had enrichment and Eric had scouts, so Eric took her with him. So, she missed her usual evening nap, and was so exhausted by the time she got home! I love this picture!

So...who do you think she looks most like?!?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Fun

Oh, I just love the fall! The only part that I don't like is that it eventually leads to winter, which I think is just about here:(. Oh well. I swear I'll just be holed up in my house, because I'm too nervous to take Tay out anywhere because I DO NOT want her getting sick! But, I'm kinda excited about that for a little while, I like just hanging out at home with just her and I. It's very relaxing for me, and we can be on our little routine, and I can get lots done around here. But, I think I need a hobby or something, because there's only so much cleaning you can do in a 1200 sq. ft house! I love to read, but I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything when I do that. I'm not very crafty, but maybe that's something I can work on. Any suggestions of things to do during the winter and we're inside a lot?? Also, I've started buying Christmas presents, and that has been way fun. I do love Christmas, especially if I can spread the buying for Christmas out so that I'm not stressing in December. So fun!

Tay is doing so well. She is sitting up on her own very well, and wants to crawl so bad. She has the movement down, but she can't quite get her feet to have enough grip to push her forward. I'm excited for her to crawl, but also a little hesitant. She can scoot backwards, though. This week I think she has started some more serious teething. I could be totally wrong, but she has been SO whiny, and that is really not like her.

Anyway, we have really been enjoying the awesome weather we've had the past couple weeks. We've spent a lot of time outside on the swing, sitting in the grass playing with leaves, reading books outside, and taking walks. It's been SO nice.

Here are some cute fall pictures of Tay out in the leaves (which we have a TON of in our yard!)


Doesn't she look so tiny??

Reading stories

For Halloween Eric's mom made Tay THE CUTEST poodle skirt. It is adorable. The little dog on it is so dang cute. Tay and Olivia were matchy-matchy. They were too cute. Except for Olivia had the funniest pink glasses...I couldn't stop laughing every time I saw her!
We could not get them to look at the camera for very long. This is about the best shot I got! least you can see their cute outfits!

Taylor has been making the funniest face. She gets her whole body tense, and makes what we call the monster face. She will not do it for Eric, though. It is really funny. Here's a funny picture of her doing it...

We've been having a ton of fun with her, she is a doll. Eric has been working hard on things on the house. He found a house that is doing slate for their roof, and asked if he could use the discarded broken pieces. So, he picked a bunch up, and has been laying it down on our porch. It will look so cool when it's done. I'll post pictures later.

I need to write about Eric and I going to Disneyland, but that will have to be another post...this one is already too long. Props to you if you read it all!