Sunday, May 10, 2009


From this a year ago...(those cheeks are AMAZING! haha)

To this! Wow.

Our baby girl is ONE! Ahhh! It's making my heart hurt thinking how fast she is already growing. Geez. She is one smart little girly. For a little journaling purposes, I'm going to make a list of things she does:

**Walk soo well. Is basically running. But, she is very cautious of stairs or any incline. We have a little incline in our house, and she is so careful going over it. Usually. When she is not, she almost always biffs it.

**Says more, hi, bye, hi dad, ball, dada, and mama.

**Signs more, all done, and dog.

**Does the animal sounds for dog, cat, bear, and pig. But, we jut got a new animal book from Seth and Jack, so we're hoping she'll catch on quickly.

**Points at everything and says, "What's that?" all slurred together with a lisp. I love it.

**LOVES everyone in her family. But, of all the people including her parents she could chose to go to, she will ALWAYS choose her Mimi (my mom). They have a special connection, and there's no denying it! It is so fun.

**Plays really well with other kids. Loves to roll the ball back and forth.

**Loves the swings, hates her stroller.

**Hates being in her car seat.

**Throws tantrums now, and just SCREAMS. Like deathly screams. Lovely.

**Has gotten a little crib time because of said tantrums.

**Has 4 teeth, two on top and two on the bottom.

**Does not like getting them brushed.

**Usually sleeps from 8:30-7 or 8am. But, has started waking up around 2am to scream those deathly screams which scare the crap out of me when I'm sound asleep. But, will usually go back to sleep pretty quickly.

**Still takes 2 naps, but is trying to transition to just one. I don't think I'm ready for that!

**Has become pretty clingy to me ever since she was sick. Wants to be held a lot. But, if she can see me, she will play really well by herself for a long time.

**Sings so cute in church with the hymns.

**LOVES playing with her two cousins Spencer and Olivia. Well, mostly just follows them around everywhere. (And I'm sure if she could tell you, she would say she wants some more cousins to play with. Wink, wink:))

Her stats and her Dr. appointment:
Weight: 19 lbs--18th percentile
Height:30.5--90th percentil
Head:32nd percentile

We love our precious girl. She is so cute, and is learning all the time. Happy birthday baby, I mean Miss, Tay. No baby anymore! We love you.