Thursday, March 29, 2007

The World's Greatest Fraud "Copernicus the Liar"

There once was a guy who everyone thought was smart, his name was Copernicus. For those who don't know who I'm talking about perhaps this will refresh your memory.

Remember now?

Lookin a little fishy there Coperno, got some lies cookin behind those shifty eyes?

Anyway, he had a lot of fanciful theorys and wore fanciful tights. His lies about the universe sounded really good but were nothing more than a little fuzzy puffy ball with perfume smells and little litter things. Something about the Earth revolving around a big ball of fire that he so conveniently called the sun. Yackity Shmackity blah blah blah... looked something like this;

His daughter thought it looked better like this;

I agree.

"Oooh the center has to be HOT the center has to be HOT and I run around with wimpy tights like a skinny little fairy boy!" -Copernicus-

That's only because back in his day he'd never experienced one of these guys;

"Brain Freeze!"

This guy will stimulate your mind to a whole new reality and mental awareness. You can literally feel your brain thinking about the coldness; hurts like hell frozen over! Where's the heat now Copernicus? Maybe it wasn't his fault he never had the opportunity, because for a thousand years or so the Polish lost the recipe for ice. This was known as the dark ages and consequently everyone was mad as heck. Check it out;

"Cut this cursed warm brain out PLEASE"! -Knight-

We are more fortunate thank goodness. So the next time you enjoy a "Brain Freeze" few in the world's history have ever enjoyed; ponder the truth that I have come to know and join with me as I say;

The Truth. The End.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A lil update...

Well, here they are, a little before and after haircut fun. Now that I look at these, I think I like the long hair better...but, I think we always want what we don't have.

Ok, sorry about the depressing picture with my dad, but it's the first long-hair picture that I saw. But, since he's up there, I'll give you a little update. He was in this awesome rehab facility, but for some lame $$ reason they only keep patients for 30 days, then they send them home for 30 days before they can reapply to come back into the rehab place. So, he had to leave Rusk Rehab the middle of this month. But, he can't come home yet, because he still needs like 16 hours of nursing care, plus our house isn't handicap equipped, so he couldn't even get around. So lucky him, he's at a nursing home:(. But, last Monday he did get to come home for 3 hours...the first time home since October!

He's been learning how to get himself around on his powered wheelchair. They basically strap his arm to the chair, and he kinda flings his wrist till he can get himself to where he wants to go. When I went home in February he was getting pretty good at it. I have a little video clip of him wheelin in his wheelchair that I'll put on here soon. Anyway, his attitude is great...he's just sooo dang bored.

My mom is working really hard, and trying to keep up with everything. She is doing really well though.

As for me...I have one fat paper and two tests left before I graduate!! One month and 2 days. I am so excited. After that, then what?? I think I'll just get pregnant!!:) Just kidding, kind of. No, I'll probably look for a full-time job to stay busy. If you hear of anything, let me know. Oh, and I HATE taxes!!! That's it for now!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Making of The New (old) Dump Truck "Oscar the Grouch"

Well... we finally got our new dump truck done which should save us a butt "load" on dumpster fees (approx $750+ per house). Ry and I decided to paint the truck in a cool black with hot lime green trim/racing stripes in honor of Oscar the Grouch; since the truck's main job is to haul trash! P.S. Let us know if any of you see a cool metal Oscar mineature we can weld on as a hood ornament. Here is a timeline of our progress so you can enjoy the bloody, sweaty journey with us.

Making of the Box.

Ry grinding.

Still grinding.

Ry welding, and my sweet comments.

Box almost complete.

Box on the truck. Yep we lifted the whole frame on the truck ourselves, actually we flipped the truck upside down on top of the box, then welded it, then flipped it back over on the wheels. Did I mention that we carved the box frame from a single block of steel?

On the next blog you'll actually be able to see the truck painted and in action! Also stay tuned to Ry's blog for a cool clip of him grinding his face off with a high speed wire brush that turned his face into hangiburger until we welded his chin back on. Blood, sweat, and tears baby... but could you give less for such a sexy piece of machinery?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A bumb broke in da House!

Don't you hate it when you put a house on the market and some bumb kicks the door in and turns the heat up to 80 degrees and camps out in your house, peeing in your toilet or tub or whatever? Yah... me too.

This video is a little shot of what the sucker did to our door... freek'n hoser. It wouldn't have taken too long to fix except my tools were 40 miles away; it looks sweet now though! It looked sweeter before I had to fix it.

Don't worry though cuz I boobie trapped the door so the next time Chester Copperpot opens it he'll get a pound of dog crap chucked on his face with an automatic clay pigeon slinger. Hold on a second my phone's ringing....

#@%?! It was a realtor who just tried to show the house! His fault for not calling first... crazy poop face.