Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cabin

Every year Eric's family does a trip up to the cabin in July. It is always an awesome time, and this year was no different! I had spent 2 1/2 weeks in Utah without Eric, and then he met us at the cabin. So, it was especially great to see him again! I was actually pretty nervous to go up there with a brand new baby. Also, packing kinda stressed me out, because I had to pack for Utah for a month and for a cabin trip, which require entirely different kinds of clothing. Needless to say, we had a lot of stuff!

Although the trip was wonderful, we did have our fair share of not so great things happen. When the kids and I first got there we went with part of the family in a four wheeler type thing down to the lake. Ellie got hungry there, so I decided to feed her there instead of driving all the way back to the cabin. So, I was feeding her, and Tay was just walking around the lake. While I was feeding Ellie, she decided to have this monster blowout. It was all over her and me. Luckily I had another diaper to change her into, but no clothes. No big deal. But, when I was changing her, Taylor fell and busted her lip open and was crying. Plus, she had had no nap and was a total mess. So, she wasn't really just crying, she was totally freaking out, and would not be calmed down. She's one of those kids that mostly just gets mad when she gets hurt, so she was doing a lot of yelling. Eric wasn't there yet, and I had been single-momin it for 2 1/2 weeks, so I was done! Anyway, I totally just started crying, and we went back to the cabin and put Tay down for a nap, changed Ellie, Eric got there, and everything turned out just fine. Now that I'm writing it, it doesn't seem like such a big deal. Oh man.

Another time we put Tay down for a nap. Everything seemed just fine, until Eric's mom brought Tay out COVERED in mascara! She had gotten into my makeup bag and gotten mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss on soo much stuff! She ruined about 20 pieces of clothing. It was all over her. Eric was also gone when this happened and I was nursing Ellie (go figure). So, I made Tay take a cold shower. She was totally screaming, because the water up there was actually cold! She's had to take some cold showers here, but the water is not too bad. Dang, I sound like a mean mom! Then, Kjersten (Eric's sister) took over Taylor because Ellie was screaming. So, I finished feeding Ellie, cried, and had most of the mess cleaned up. Then, Eric got back. Such is the life of a mom:).

Other than those 2 incidents, we were great! A few of the other kids got sick, my niece and nephew had to leave:(. We luckily were not infected! We had a blast. Played some Minute to Win It games, stayed up late playing card games, rode 4 wheelers, fished, ate tons of yummy food, and just hung out. There were lots of kids there this year, which made it really fun! Now for some pics...

Ellie's Baby Blessing

On July 25th we blessed little miss Ellie Quinn Nelson. It was a beautiful blessing given by Eric in my parents ward in Utah. There were 6 people in the circle: Eric's dad and brother, my brother, my dad, Eric and the Bishop. It was so great to have all the family there. We actually took some family pictures after the blessing, which we totally forgot to do with Tay! Oops. Afterward, we all came back to my parents house and had crepes with strawberry and whipped cream filling, some with banana and nutella, and some just plain with syrup. We also had eggs and sausage. It was delicious! It's making my mouth water right now! Anyway, here are some pictures...