Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This Fire Station Sucks!

So I'm driving around looking at some properties in Draper and I come up on this firestation that's missing like half of the roof. Turns out it burned down! The secretary said the firefighters were getting sick of always having to answer questions from news reporters at the scene of fires and in a last effort attempt to secure some peace and quiet they came back from a routein run and tortched the place.
To their utter dismay a bunch of news teams swarmed in and they spent the next couple hours answering questions. The thought process that led these firefighters to do the unthinkable seems to stem from a new air born japanese subway virus that makes the brain rationalize in opposites! They suspect this is what let Brittney Spears to shave her head in a desperate effort to turn the paparazzi's attention away from herself.

A little nervous...

Ok, so tomorrow's the big freakin day! I'm choppin all my hair off!! Well, not all, but I was thinkin somethin shoulder length...what do you guys think?? Got any fun suggestions??? I'm also gonna do some highlights. Tell me, tell me, what do you think?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Master Bedroom Mahem

Well I thought I'd give you all a little taste of what I do all day. Not really; but this is a little glimps from the shower's view of our new mater bedroom as I reek havoc on the ceiling couz I swore that cocroach ran in that little hole in the ceiling. "Look at all these roaches, surrounding me every day, I just need some time, some time to get away." Anyone know who sang that?

Sometimes when working gets monotonous you just gota bust out the camera and screw around.

Bree's Quote of the Week

"I have to take lots of naps because I worked so hard in the pre-mortal life."

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nelson/Christensen Quote Trivia

Who said this: Ha, ha! You ate that like you thought it was a booga!

Eric & Ry Flip That House

Y'all have heard of the new house flipping craze eh, well Ry and I just flipped a house in Payson, UT and we're just waiting to get it sold. It was a real cool house that strangly used to be the home of a prominent phisician who used the basement as his hospital. We found all kinds of wierd turn of the century surgical equipment that faired more like midevil torture devices. So we cast Satan out and began the remodle. We probably did a little more to the house than we needed, but it was a good learning curve, a fun project, and turned out great. This is a clip of Ry Dog spraying some of the new trim in the lower torture dungeon where the screams of the dead can still be heard pleading for novicane to be shot into their miserable corpses with large rusty steel syringes. The guy with the paint roller is really Hanible Lector, which we didn't find out until he signed his check! No wonder he kept licking the floor where we found all the human fluids. Huh...wierd.

Cat Kill'n Christmas Eve

Check out little Spencer Man and I as we rain down hellfire on Milly Girl and take away 4 of her 8 misley little lives; Bah ha ha ha ha! But this cat is way too cool under fire; how many battles has this masochist seen!? "Hello, my names Milly Kitty, this video reminds me of Nam when I used to eat Friskie Bullets for breakfast!"

The Heavenly Slurpee

All of this slurpee talk got me thinking about how famous people probably are addicted to slurpees just like us common folk. Then I remembered that song from "Amy Grant's Christmas" entitled "Breath of Heaven (slurpee)" What was it she said about the Heavenly Slurpee...

Friday, February 23, 2007

The New and Upcoming Blogtacular!

So the totally wierd thing about this whole blogg stuff is that you can go like a year without talking to a member of your family and probably know more about them than if you talked to them all the time! So I'm going to try out a new experiment, no one can call anyone else until like the 4th of July. And we'll plan a picnic or something in St. George and see if everyone brought the stuff they were supposed to and the only way we could have known what to bring is by doing the blog. We can even see if it works like if we wanted kjersten to not only bring the green chilis, but to bring the "diced Ortega green chilis in the 8 oz. can" we could post it on the blog and see if that's what she really brings to the picnic! How crazy! If she really did bring it...wait a second, is she reading this or you, who am I talking to? I'll have to figure this out, but until then... if (she/you)really did bring it then (we'd/you'd/she'd) be on to something!

Just playin. My wife will probably erase this before anyone else can read it, but I'm just seeing how this works. I think we'll have some cool home made movies coming up here in the next day or so, so stay tuned to