Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hurray We're Prego!!!

What?!? So, I thought I'd jump on the baby bandwagon! Here I am, and now Claire will have a sweet 2nd cousin (??) to play with! I know, I am SO worse than Veronica at keeping secrets...because I'm only 5 weeks along! I totally thought I was 6, then nope, someone can't count! Anyway, our little thang is due May 2nd! We were going to wait for a lot longer to tell people, but the whole problem was that Saren was over at our house when I took the pregnancy test (almost as a joke!), and I was freaking out. So, she was like, "What, what's going on?". So, of course I had to tell her. Then, once she knew, I knew it wouldn't stay a secret for very long. So instead of everyone finding out from her, we decided we should just open our big fat mouths and tell everyone!! Whatever, it's so fun!

I feel awesome. I feel like I have more energy than I've had in a long time. What is that about?! Probably just so freakin excited. I really hope I don't feel sick; but my mom was only sick with one of hers, so hopefully I have her genes!! I really wanted to be married for 2 years before we had a baby, but it's ONE WEEK before our two year anniversary--that can totally count, right?!?! I'm counting it anyway.

My mom, who I was most nervous about tellin, was the MOST excited of all (except for maybe Saren)!! She is so happy. I haven't seen her this happy in so long. So, that is awesome news.

Other than that, my job is going great. We start actually doing therapy after Labor Day. That will be way better than all the paperwork that I've been having to do. But, then I have to do lesson plans and homework and all that crap. Not really sure what's going to happen at the end of the year when I have the baby, because school doesn't get out until May 29...but looks like they're just going to have to be ok without me (which I'm sure won't be a problem!!).

I am really excited/nervous to be a freaking mom, I can't believe it. Eric is really excited, but I think he's a little bit in denial too!:) Anyone wanna place some bets on the gender??

Here's us being retarted on the camera as we talk about it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Flip Finished!

Sweet! We're finally finished with the American Fork Flip (except for some finishing touches) and I just listed it today so we'll see how it goes. It stared out looking pretty ghetto, but after a lot of work and kicking the painter's butt a few times it's looking like something I'd move into. What am I talking about, I'd move into anything called a house!

Anyways like all the other houses we've done we always want to move into it when we're done, but gotta build up the cash first, one of these days! Sorry I don't have any before pictures, but here are the after ones.

Here's the cute little porch where the cute little mexicans can sit and drink their Tecate con Limon.
Elegant baby.
Here's half of the kitchen cabinets, the rest are on the other wall. The tile is all laid "on point" or on the "diagonal". It's a pain in the butt when you get to where it meets the walls because there's twice as many cuts and they're all triangles (add's another 10% to the square footage of tile you need to buy), but it sure looks cool when it's done!

I'll post some before pictures real soon for the house we just closed on today (also in AF). It's a lot smaller but we'll probably make the same amount or more than on this one because we're getting it for such a good deal. You definately make the money when you buy it not when you sell it.

I crack up watching these people on "Flip This House" because half of them have no clue what they're doing. How they can justify spending 800 grand to make 50 blows my mind! I also crack up how they always say they're making X amount in profit when in actuality they forget the 7-8% in real estate fees that come right off the top and another 35-40% in short term capital gains tax that goes to you silent 50/50 partner Uncle Sam; in other words they really make only half of whatever they say the real profit is.