Monday, January 11, 2010

4 Posts a Year?!?

So yeah, at this rate I'll be posting 4 times a year! I rock at this!:) Sometimes I just feel like I'm a terrible writer and I don't have anything interesting to write. But, I LOVE reading everyone's blogs, so I guess I need to contribute a little! ha

Here we go, finally getting to Christmas. Better late than never! We had a great trip to Utah to spend time with both families. We were completely spoiled. We had a blast!

This picture makes me sad. She was soo sick when we were up in Utah over Christmas. She threw up in bed sometime during the night. I got her up around 5 (she was crying) and she had dried puke in her hair and clothes. She was BURNING up. Her temp. got up at 104.3! Scary. She wouldn't do anything besides just lay on us. She did not want us to move either. It lasted 2 days, then she was better. Sad.

She was determined to do her own hair. Funny kid.

Opening her play dough. I don't really know about this present. I have to sit right by her and watch her every move when she's playing with this, or I find it all over the house and ground into the carpet. Lovely. But, she loves it and asks for it all the time.

Christmas morning.

Feeding her new baby from Saren. She LOVES that thing. She does this pretend cry thing along with the baby, and it's pretty funny.

Trying on her hat and gloves from her stocking. I guess we don't really need them down here, who knew!

So, I forgot my camera at my parents house when we went to Eric's parents house on Christmas. How sad. But, let me tell you this, we were totally spoiled! We had so much fun spending time with our families, a little cold weather, and some friends for Tay.

Just a cutie picture of my mom and Tay. Love it.

So, Tay is going through this awesome phase where she takes her diaper off at night, or whenever I'm not paying enough attention. It's pretty awesome. I've come to get her in the mornings multiple times to a naked bum and a peed bed! Luckily it has never been a poopy one! Anway, Kjersten gave me this idea to put her swimming suit over her jammies. Works like a charm. She cannot get it off. We put it on her every night. She actually loves it. If I don't get it out with her jammies, she will either ask for it, or just go and get it. Funny kid. Although she really wants to go swimming when she's in it. Soon enough.

Just a day at the park in January! I am really blown away that this can really be winter! Seriously, it is amazing. Not trying to rub it in, because you can rub it in my face in about 3 months! ha We have been loving it, and really trying to spend time outside!

So, HUGE project of the New Year!!! We painted the inside of our house!! I've been really, really wanting to do this since we moved in 7 months ago! Finally we just did it. Saren came down to AZ to hang out for a week, and (poor thing) we decided to take advantage of that! I did not want to pay a babysitter just so I could paint my house, and we really wanted Kjersten and Kevin to help, so Saren agreen to watch the kiddos...ALL DAY!! We could not have done it without everyone's help. It took the whole day. I started about 7, and we finished at 7 that night. We really didn't like the color after we had finished about 1/2 the house, but we just decided to keep going. But when we woke up the next morning, we started to really like it. Now, I love it! It makes such a huge difference. It was so fulfilling to paint over those dirty marks on the white walls that I just could not get off. It was awesome! THANK YOU to Saren, Kjersten, Kevin, and Eric (who cut-in ALL the paint on the ceiling!). Feels SOOO good to have that done!
"Helping" mama cook. But, isn't that the most adorable apron you have ever seen?!? Eric's mom made one for all the girls, and teeny matching ones for the little girls. I love them!

Just chillin in her baby stroller! I'm sure that thing is going to break with her in it! But, she loves it. She always wants me to push her around in it. Funny girl. Oh, and notice the swimming suit again. It's a nightly thing.

I just love these little curtain holders. They are so fun in this girly room!

When we painted the rest of the house we did Tay's room too. I LOVE how it turned out. It's my favorite room in the house! I still have a couple other things I want to do with it, like do her name over the crib, and a cute vinyl saying over the closet, but other than that, I think we're all done with that one! It's nice to feel like I have ONE room done just the way I want it! Now I get to move to another room! The problem is trying to do it cheap!!