Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New hair and a lovely prego pic...

Alright, I know everyone says don't cut your hair when you're pregnant, but I HAD to do it. My hair was getting long and stringy. Also, it would only look cute for like 10 minutes then end up in a pony tail looking sick! I have never had this short of hair in my whole life, but I actually really like it. It's awesome, because when I wash, dry, and do it, it takes like 15 minutes. If no hair washing is necessary, then done and done in 5!! What a beautiful thing!! Anyway, just needed to mix it up a bit.

Everything else is going great. Just workin and counting down the weeks till I can quit and just stay home with this little girl--6 more Mondays of work!! YES! Here are some pics of the hair and belly. PS...I HATE taking these hair shots, so they all look gay!! But, here they are anyway.