Sunday, February 24, 2008

World's Strongest Bite!

Who has the strongest bite in the world?

Is it a Great White Shark?
Is it a raging lion?
Perhaps it's a ferocious alligator?

Then who could it be?
That's right; 4 times stronger than the average human!

To the un-observing person that may seem like a freek abnormality, but consider for a moment all the cool things you can do with such a strong bite!

You Can...
Pull a train with your teeth!

Carry 18 wooden dinner chairs with your mouth!


Bite off Holyfield's ear!

And finally most importantly...
Open a bottle of Coca-Cola with your bare teeth!

Shauna, we're glad to have such cool skills in the family!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Successful Auction Despite All Odds.

The above picture is really a slave auction but it gets you in the spirit. So this week EricNelsonAuctioneering had their auction in Bull Head City, AZ and it was crazy, fun, and successful all at the same time. My Uncle Eric has been getting his auction business cranked up for the massive amount of foreclosures that are hitting the market right now. Ry and I have been working with him on getting it going up here in Utah.

The auction in AZ was wild but turned out ok. Here's the story. Basically to make a long story short Chad and I drove down to get things set up a couple days before auction day and started out by staking 100 signs around the city directing people to the Casino where the auction would be held. The next morning we went to take pics of the signs for the website but where in the dang heck were all the signs? We drove out to the highway to find about 20 of them all bent up in a pile and 4 at the city building, but all the others were just gone. Turns out there's a disgruntled individual that didn't want the auction to happen so he's be stirring up trouble for a while. Later on auction day (3 hours before registration) the guy got the Nevada Real Estate Board to make us change the auction location because of a loose interpretation of the law which said only so many properties from another state can be sold in Nevada (the auction properties were on the other side of the river and state line from the Casino).

We had to call everyone registered for the auction immediately to tell them it would be moved to the model home. Some people were a little ticked, but they all came anyways. But if that wasn't enough, the guy then called the fire department on us for having too many cars on the street and too many people in the model home and the people had to clear out twice during the auction to move cars!

But notwithstanding all this malarkey, the people came literally running back to the auction so they wouldn't miss out and everything was sold. We had a lot of laughs at Paul Harber who was getting stressed out and left a couple of times to relax, ha, ha. It was a great time though, just goes to show you when Big E puts on an auction, nothing can stop it from being a success!