Saturday, August 16, 2008

A wedding and a blessing

First of all, HAPPY WEDDING to Ryan and Lauren!! I'm totally retarded, and I can't get any pictures of them to load on here, I can only get a couple of the reception to load. Maybe later I'll get smart and learn how to get them on!! But for now, you'll just have to believe me, they were absolutely STUNNING!! So beautiful! It was a perfect wedding. The reception was great. We had a fabulous time in Arizona. Congratulation to you both. WE LOVE YOU!!

Taylor did awesome on the flight over there and back. She slept both ways. But, when isn't she good?! She does have impeccable timing though. She had a total blowout diaper (we're talking new clothes and everything) RIGHT as they called us to board the plane BOTH times!! This is a picture of her before we got on the airplane...
While we were there we took Tay swimming for the first time, and she loved it! Here's a couple pics of that...

We also had her blessing. It was a great day, she looked so cute, and Eric gave a great blessing. He said he was getting a little frustrated up there because the boy holding the microphone for him was closing his eyes, and kept lifting the mic and hitting Eric in the mouth! Ha! But, we had tons of our family there, and it was awesome. Thank you to everyone who came! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures that day!! It makes me really sad. But, Eric and I had to teach right after that, so we had to hurry and get to our class, so I totally forgot. But, here's a picture of her on another day in her dress. Maybe we'll just fake it on Sunday and put her in dress and take a picture with all of us!:(
A little Aunt Jemima baby. So sweet.

She's been getting pretty good with her hands. It is too cute!

Our yard!! YAY!

Eric has been working so hard on our yard, so I thought I'd post some before and after pictures. I absolutely love the yard. Also, one day he surprised me and set this beautiful swing up in the yard, I LOVE it!! Thanks babe!

Lovely, eh?

After Eric brought in dirt, grated it, and seeded. A LOT of work! He is awesome!

Doesn't it look great?? This is just two weeks after he put the seed down!

My swing that I love!!