Monday, April 30, 2007

A Lot of Sweet Stuff...

Ok, I'm the worst at posting...but I've been having way too much fun to sit down and look at these boring blogs! Just kiddin, I totally blog stalk, and I love love love to read everyone else's, I've just been too lazy to write anything.

First things first, biggest news EVER! Some of you know this, but some of you don't....drum sweet family is MOVING TO UTAH!!!! That's right, for good. My sisters and mom are flying out June 5th. My dad will be going back into the rehab place that we love in Missouri while my mom looks for a house and a job. Speaking of that, if any of you know of any job openings around here, let me know. Then, once they find a place and get somewhat settled then I think the plan is to have my bro Curtis fly out here with my dad (Curt's not moving out here, he'll be staying in MO to go to school). How fun is that?!?! I am really excited to have them out here, and be able to feel like I can physically contribute more to help em out.

Next, I got to go to Disneyland FOR THE FIRST TIME!! And shame on me for not going before. I loved every second of it. It was a total girly trip which was so fun. I hate to say it, but California Adventure rides were sweeter. But, you're right, the atmosphere at DL was WAY better. I think my favorite ride was the rollercoaster at CA, then Tower of Terror, and the Indiana Jones ride. Oh so fun. I'm sure you've all seen pics on Lydia's blog, so I won't post any. Oh, and those of you going this week...HAVE SOO MUCH FUN!

Now, onto some more sweet things, I GRADUATED!! Took all my finals (which were freakin easy this time--which is a first!), and aced my classes. I graduated in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (say that 5 times fast--without getting a speech impediment:) ). Now what you may ask?? GREAT question. Someone tell me! I'm applying for some jobs in the school systems, and some jobs through BYU (I'm a little hesitant to post it, because chances are I won't get any, but who cares!). If nothing pans out, secretary for Got Crap it is!!:) Seriously, if nothing works out I may think the Lord is trying to tell me something, I dunno! Anyway, Cheney did a great job speaking, in fact, all the speakers were excellent. President Hinckley, Elder Scott, and Elder Bednar were there as well. Thursday's comencement was sooo good. I'm really glad I went, even though we got there at 1, and it didn't start till 4!!! It was a long day. Friday's graduation where I actually walked was pretty good too, although I didn't enjoy it as much as Thursday's. But, it was so fun to see all my buddies again! So, here are a couple pictures, one of me (obviously), and the other of a Cheney protestor (so gay). THANK YOU everyone who were able to come, and THANK YOU to those of you who I know would have been there if you could (KJ and Sue:) ).

Another cool thing...Eric's parents got us a 2 night stay and the Grand America in Salt Lake. It was soo beautiful. We just relaxed. Slept in, went to lunch, went shopping, watched TV, worked on my Sunday School lesson, went to dinner, and watched a movie--fabulous!! I'll put a pic of that too.

What else....Eric and I are leaving Wednesday for Nauvoo for my brother's wedding--how cool is that?!?! I'll update you on that when I get back. Oh yes, and another cool thing I have to brag about...I ran 3 miles on the treadmill the other day in 28 minutes! I was so dang proud of myself--but I remembered that I HATE running. Why did I do it?? Just to say I did.

That's it for now--have a great week all'yall.


Lyd said...

Ah, good ol' Raders...or that Tomb ride! Haha My mom is crazay!

Bree :--) said...

I know, seriously. I don't think I will EVER get it right now!'ll at least get what I'm talkin about

Eliza said...

How exciting to have your family move here! AND your graduation pics (I have a pic of standing in the same place you were) bring back great memories...I walked 10 years ago this month. CRAZAY!!

So now that you have a degree, you want to come over and translate my 3 year olds language for me?

-KJ said...

None of that is new! I knew all of that! HAHAHA! JUST KIDDING! That was a fun one to read! What a busy few weeks, and you are going to be really busy this summer having TWO families compete for your time! ;) Again, I keed! Have sooooo much fun at the wedding! I would love to go to the Navoo temple one of these days!

Lauren Maley said...

I am so glad I was able to take fun pictures of you and be at your graduation. When things settle down a little in my life I PROMISE I will get you the group shots. I am way excited for your family to move to Utah, that means when I come back I get Atkisson time and that is awesome. If I hear of any job openings I will for sure let you know. Congratulations on graduating, I am so dang proud of you!!!

Mandy said...

congratulations on graduating and how exciting your family is moving to utah!!

Michelle said...

You're hair looks cute blonde. Congrats on graduating! You should work with in early childhood. I got my degree in Early Childhood Special Ed. It's so fun working with the little ones.

I want to invite you guys to Spencer's 30th b-day party. It's June 9th. Can you e-mail me your address so I can send you an invitaion?

liufamily said...

How fun to have your fam close!! And I know I have seen your hair before, but it looks so cute in the pics!!!Yea for being done with school!!!! Congrats on that too.