Monday, October 8, 2007

Viva Mexico!

We are the Hermanos Macho Nachos. (Ry in Pink, Eric in Green/Red)
We got back from Guanajuato Mexico last week and had a rad time hanging out with our aunts Carleen and Aleda and staying at their awesome Haciendas, show offs! Their houses are way cool, gotta get one some day; complete with stone arches, hand crafted iron gates, old wood doors, barrel vaulted brick ceilings, scorpions, etc., all enclosed in a 12 foot stone wall and courtyard just for the heck of it.
We really wanted to go see some sweet authentic Mexican Lucha Libre, but we missed it by one day dangit.
Bet you all wish you could have gone to Mexico too but you didn't, and we did but you guys weren't there, but we were, and you all stayed in the US, but we went to Mexico. Watch me get diareah for saying that, oh crap, I just did. Bet you all wish you had diareah like me but you don't, but I do and you guys only get to take a normal crap but I get to burn every hour while you all get to do what ever you want without thinking about running to the bathroom really soon, but I get to check my email and try to wait an extra second to finish reading it then crap my pants when I try to get up, but you guys don't get to do that kinda stuff like me couz I went to Mexico and drank an authentic limonada made with bacteria water. Frick!
I didn't really want to write all this I just wanted to post the picture of the Nacho Macho. Layta Skatas.


-KJ said...

I still love that shot! We need to get one with all of us in our maskez for the calander!
BTW, it is CarlENE. :)

Alli Fantastico said...

That picture is so sweet. Whoa, how'd it suddenly turn into my wallpaper on my computer?!? Crazy!

Also, sorry bout the poops, glad you didn't catch on fire in Mexico!

Eliza said...

how crappy! Good to see a new post by the E-man. Always entertaining.

Lyd said...

I love that pic. Next time you guys go to Mexico without me, make sure that you bring me back one too!!

ashleyO said...

Next time you go to Mexico Ryan should blog...I mean what?

ashleyO said...

P.S. I just now read the blog...and i like it. You are a funny guy! (said ala El Guapo)

TIA EVANS said...

This is Jared Evans just wanted to say HI!