Sunday, November 18, 2007

iPod Question for ya'll

Hey people,
I was just trying to load some movies on my iPod and Lyd helped me find the software that does all that and stuff (PS Thanks!) and I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete the movies from your computer without having the iPod delete it from itself the next time you sink the iPod with iTunes. It's like it looks to see if the file is still on the computer and if it doesn't find it then it just says, "sorry dude, ya can't have this on your iPod anymore." I think it must be some setting or something that I need to change. If anyone knows about that stuff, shoot me a note.
Thanks, Eric


Amanda said...

It depends if you have a Mac or a PC. If you have a PC, there is a program that will allow you to do what you want... I don't know what it's called- I'll make Chris get on and explain it to you.
If you have a Mac you're pretty much screwed b/c the program I'm talking about is the only one like it and the creator is dead set against adapting it for Mac!

Eliza said...

When I read that I seriously thought that you were saying that if he had a mac he is screwed because the creator is dead. Well, I thought it was funny.

BTW Hello Amanda it's remember me? You were too little maybe.... Say Hi to your mom and dad for me.

Amanda said...

i'm bad with names... need a face or a story to help me remember!

Eliza said...

I am Eliza OBLAD Livingston. I use to work for your dad when I was in High school. I am cousins to Susan and Paul's kids. My mom is Shauna. I am much older than you so I new it might be a long shot seeing if you remembered me. I remember you coming into the office with your mom.

Lyd said...

Um, I'm not sure E. I'll have to check as see if it does that on mine!