Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yes, it's official, WE'RE HAVING A GIRL! YEAH! We are so excited. On Friday we went to have our 20 week ultrasound (can you believe we waited that long?!?!) to figure this all out. According to my sister Saren, we were going to go have our ultrasound to figure out if she would be an aunt or an uncle!! Haha. She did later realize that she would always be the aunt, even if it was a boy:). She's so funny.

Yeah, for most of the beginning of my pregnancy we thought it might be a boy. Mostly, I think I'm just used to having the boys come first--that's how it was in my fam, and in Eric's. But, then like 2 days before the ultrasound Eric and I were sitting on the couch and I said to him, "I think it's a girl", and he totally agreed. So, my motherly instincts kicked in just in time! Phew! Now for the hard part--PICKING A NAME! Seriously, what is up with that. I think girl names are WAY harder to pick from, anyone agree? Eric says we might just go with Hillary C. Nelson...what do you think?? AHHHHH!! But, I'm warning you now, her head of hair (or lack there of) will never live up to Claire's cute curly hair, or Derek and Dillon!

Eric thinks her profile looks like me...can you tell that early?? I doubt it. But we are hoping she comes out a mellow little thing like Eric, and totally right brained, cuz we know her mamma didn't get any of that!

Ok, one thing I could use a little help on is her room! We really want to buy an unfinished crib and changing table (I know they sell them at Ikea) so we/Sue (hopefully!!) can help us stain them black. Then, I want the main color of the room to be red--well, like splashes of red pillows, a red blanket over the rocking chair, then with black and white and red pictures in the room. So, if any of you see any cute bedding, or pictures, or unfinished cribs, or ANYTHING you think would look so cute in there, let me know! Just post on here and tell me where I can look. You guys are awesome!

Ok, I think that's all, I'll have to put some pics of myself up here...I've definitely got a belly goin on!


Sarah said...

I am so thrilled for you guys!! Seriously, what are we going to do with all the girls in this family?? Congrats!!

-KJ said...

Make sure you tell Saren I think she will be a great uncle ;)

OK, so I have been thinking...what about some splashes of leopard print? I know it doesn't sound very baby, but she could be baby chic! I will see what I can find. I actually got on my computer to look up baby bedding for you! Can you tell I am soooo excited! Yippee!

BTW, you are BARELY showing you nerd!

Eliza said...

Yay! I can totally see you with a girl! She will be all stylish like her mommy. SO CUTE!

I love that idea of all the classy colors for her room. I'll keep my eyes open!

And I would love to see that not belly of yours!

Lyd said...

Yes, the not belly! hahaha It's prolly the equivalent of mine.

Ooooo, the room sounds fun! And I think that you should add some leopard in there! That would be fun!!

Becky said...

Congratulations Bree! Isn't it nice knowing! We are having a girl too! Due the same time, ultra-sound the same day...and BOTH having girls! Crazy!

Bree :--) said...

Ok, I'm freaking out, leopard print would be soo cute!! HOW FUN!! I'm so bad, I'm totally at work, NOT working but looking up baby bedding! Oh well.

ALSO, I am too showing, just not showing the whole world
yet. What do you think the hoodies and vests are for...hiding something?? I swear I'm going to embrace this belly here pretty soon. I'll wear a tighter shirt sometime around Christmas, and you will FREAK out! I swear it gets bigger every day! So fun though ...who cares!

Becky, CONGRATS!! Yeah, we are totally the same, how funny!! It is so nice to know.

Michelle said...

A girl... how fun! Congrats! I agree that girl names are harder to pick out but I definitely think Hillary Clinton Nelson is a good choice. has some really cute bedding. I'm not sure in reds though.

Alli Easley said...

YAYAYAYAYAY! I'm so excited for you guys!!!!!!! I want to do belly pics so...let me know when you're big enough.

Mandy said...

congrats on the girl! i love the idea for her room and i totally agree picking girls names is hard. actually i think picking any name is hard. they have to live with it for their whole life.

liufamily said...

Congrats on the Girl news! How fun.

Unknown said...

YAY!!!! Of course you're having a girl first. too cute you are!