Saturday, April 19, 2008

TONS to catch up on!!!'s been forever! I think I say that every time I post a new one! Ha ha. We have been sooo busy, I swear. Busy, but great! Eric has been working his guts out on our house and with the auction. Lots of days he would work on things for the auction all day, then work on the house till one in the morning. He basically rocks my world! Thank you, thank you, thank you baby!! Also, a big thanks to EVERYONE that has helped out on our house, we couldn't have done it without you!!

We moved out of our apartment at the very end of March, and moved in with Paul and Sue while we finished our house. Another HUGE THANK YOU to Paul and Sue for letting us stay here and cooking food, and entertaining us, and everything else!! It's been really fun to be here, but we are also so excited to be in our own beautiful little place. The house is about 90% finished, and 25% unpacked!! I have a lot of work to do. The master bedroom is all set up (no pics yet...sorry), the baby's room is finished, and the bathroom is almost done!! We need to get a dryer vent put in before we move the washer and dryer in, and we need to get the kitchen countertops on and the kitchen cabinets finished. Other than that, the inside should be good to go! The outside is another story, and we won't even go there. Although we did go drive around Daybreak today looking for exterior colors!! I can't wait to do all of that, but I'll just plan on having that done maybe next year. No big deal. Our house just looks like total trash on the outside...but maybe that will stop any contemplating burglars.:)

I have been feeling great. The doc said on Friday that I was dialated to a 4 and like 95% effaced. But, she also said that I could stay like that for awhile, and to not get too excited. I've been having tons of contractions, just not regular, and not painful. The only thing that hurts is my back, but I will NOT complain, I have had the best pregnancy ever!! She is due in a week and a half!! So, I'm sure next time we update it may be a baby update!!! YAY!!:) I am sooo excited. You are all welcome to come visit and see our little place all finished (hopefully), and cook dinner!:) j/k

Here are a few pictures...

This is a GREAT pic of me at 38 weeks! ha No more pictures, I'm all done! It's like doubling by the day!! I'm serious.
Here is the bathroom in our house before we started working on it, lovely?

Here is a picture afterwards. I actually hate this picture because I should have opened the curtain to show all the cool tile work that Eric and Sue looks hot! I'll put more pics up sometime, then you can see the tiles! Also, sometime later we're going to find a cool curtain and rugs and towels to go in here. But for now, it's gonna have to be boring, but usable!!
A few pictures up in the bathroom, making it a little more homey.
This is the toilet, which is still a work in progress. You see, we put the toilet bowl up high (old school style, and creating more space style), with a sweet pull chain and marble (total Eric style!!) and Eric made this rad shelf. Anyway, eventually we're going to tile the shelves, and put mosaic's around the pipes. When it's all done it will look really awesome! What a creative husband and mother-in-law I have!! It's actually really cool.

This is the baby's room before, it was the hell room! Seriously.
The baby's room FAVORITE room ever!! Look at all that cute furniture that so many generous people gave to us. I love, love, love it! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who got these for us, and to those who also helped set it all up!!! That was quite the process.
Sweet glider that I am so excited to use at 4 in the AM! Actually, I totally love it. Also, the cute lamp that Susan got us. Ok, that's enough for now, I have much more to post. I have had TWO of the greatest baby showers EVER!! A HUGE thank you to my sister in law Jackie, my awesome mom, KJ, and Sue for putting on the best baby showers in the whole wide world. Maybe sometime I'll post pics of that, but for now my computer is about to die and I don't want to go up and get the cord!! But, they were soo fun, and it was great to see everyone!

Alright, be expecting a baby post sometime soon, we are almost ready to go!!


Saren Atkisson said...

You and your house are looking way cute!

Lyd said...

YAY!!! New post! New house! New baby! We can't wait for that baby to be here! :D

Mandy said...

you are so cute! i am sad i couldnt make it to your shower! if only it was one week earlier! :)
your house looks so good. we will have to come visist when taylor is all done with school and the bar!

Eliza said...

So much fun!! I love you house. Serious talent in both of you. Your nursery looks so cute just like you. You seriously look fabulous! Unreal!

I hope to get a text from someone while we're in Cali!

-KJ said...

Why did I laugh till I cried when I read the part about your house looking like trash on the outside? Oh my. Wait, it is because it is almost 2am. The house looks so great. Now we just need big Paul to get on that landscaping!
We snuck into the house so I could see the baby's room before I came back home. LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to see her in that bed!
Make sure you take a pic the day you go in to deliver. At least for you. You will want it later on! You look so fabulous!!!!

aubrey. said...

you are so pretty! and are totally one of those tiny ladies that looks real tiny from behind and then when you turn around you're like... oh whoops shes got a baby in there! it was so good seeing you! tell eric hi for me...

Allison Easley said...

I love it, and I love your bathroom! So fun, aren't you so excited???

Carolyn said...

Bree, you look beautiful! I love the pictures.