Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick Question...

Ok, so in July my aunt, uncle and their three boys are coming into town. They will be spending 3-4 days here with us. But, they are flying in and out of Vegas, and will be spending a day there. We were going to look up some things to do while they were down in Vegas, but then I thought...I need to do a new blog anyway, so I'll ask them! So, what would you recommend doing in Vegas in one day?? What is the best kid stuff to do there? Their boys are ages 9, 6, and 3 (I think...somewhere around there). Also, if you have any suggestions about stuff in Utah county for kids, I would love to hear them.

A few things we've thought of in Utah county:
7 peaks waterpark
Thanksgiving Point petting zoo, Imax, and dinosaur museum
A "hike" and picnic in Provo Canyon (since they NEVER see the mountains in Missouri!)
Maybe a trip to Park City for the Alpine slides

I would love any ideas!

Also, we are blessing Taylor the last Sunday in June (the 28th). We will bless her in our old ward so my dad will be able to make it. Sacrament is at 9 (I know, early...sorry!). Let me know if you want directions. You're all welcome!!


Alison said...

Hey Bree this is ethan, you could tell them to start at the circus circus adventuredome, it has rollercoasters, arcades, laser tag, etc, as we loved to go to all the other rollercoasters like the new york new york and the one on top of the stratosphere, i loved wet and wild as well but they tore it down and made a parking lot out of it, oh well, also just going around to the differnt themed casinos like the venetian also treasure island has a like water works show in front of it about every hour, hope that helps to get started, oh and we loved going to the huge cheap buffets.

This is Alison, now.
I say Phantom of the Opera, or if they're in the mood for something more recreational something my family did when I was growing up was to hike around the Valley of Fire National park. It has a lot of red rock and cool formations and it's between St. George and Vegas.

We wish we could be there for Taylor's blessing, but we're still stuck in New York!

shauna said...

What Alison said...That is all there is...and there is nothing else for kids. Get them up to Utah County and SLC. There are a lot more things to do up there nd your list looks great.

-KJ said...

There is that aquarium off 106th south. I don't know if it is any good. All your ideas sound great. There is always a tour of Mrs. Cavenaughs chocolate factory!!! It is kinda up by me (just off 215 in N. SL).
I don't know if it is worth trying to do much of anything in Vegas if they are going to be outside. TOO HOT!

Glad to hear about the blessing! I was planning on the first weekend in July!!! Don't worry, we will make it. Let me know what I can bring.

The Carlsens said...

In Lindon there is a fun place called Boon Docks

Amanda said...

there is a new thing open called the springs preserve ( that i've heard is kind of coold. i think stace when there with her kids?? anyway- carli went a little bit ago and liked it... but it wasn't so hot outside yet... so?
there is also the tiger/dolphin habitat at the mirage hotel (just google mirage & dolphins for the link). it's like $10 for kids & $15 for adults, but i think it's totally worth it!