Saturday, June 14, 2008


First and foremost, Taylor slept for 7 HOURS LAST NIGHT!!! Then, woke up, ate, and slept for two more! That's right, I am one lucky mama. She is such a good baby, and I love her so much. She seems like she is getting SO big. The other day I visited my two friends' kids. One is 4 pounds, and the other is 6 1/2. Ever since then Taylor has seemed like a giant! Oh yeah, Taylor totally did the cutest giggle on Wednesday. She did it once for my dad, then again for Eric that night. But, she hasn't done it since. Also, she is becoming a champ at smiling, I just love it. Anyway, here are some random pictures that I love.

Oli holding baby Tay. She was so cute when she was holding her. She kept talking to her in the squeaky high pitched baby talk. She was saying, "Oh she so cute, I wuv hu", it was precious!

Taylor's cute swirly cowlick on the back of her head.

This was precious. We went to a friends house for a birthday party, and I was hanging out, chatting with the girls. We walked back into the livingroom to see what our hubby's were doing, and this is how we found them. Each holding their little baby! These babies were born May 5th, 10th, and 15th!! Check out the hair on the middle one...SOO CUTE!! I just love dads with their babies.
Taylor laying on my dad. She slept there for quite awhile!

Here we have smarty pants Nelson. I think this picture is hilarious! We put my sister Hannah's glasses on her, and basically she hated it...but I was cracking up. I'm such a mean mom!

Practicing her cute smile...I just LOVE IT!

She thinks Papa is just so funny!

My brother Curtis holding her.

Aunt Saren. She would sit and do this all day, every day if she could!

I also wanted to say HAPPY (early) FATHERS DAY to all you fathers. I have the best dad in the whole wide world. He is so easy to talk to, and has the best advice. He is never critical of me, and always shows me how much he loves me. I LOVE HIM! Also, Eric is the greatest dad. I'm sure if Taylor could talk she would agree. Anyway, happy fathers day!


Anonymous said...

I Wov her too! My heart just melts at her smiling. I want to see her so bad! Are you guys going to the cabin for the 4th of July?

Carolyn said...

Bree, I love these pictures! I think the picture of Taylor wearing those glasses is my favorite. She is such a darling little girl! And I'm glad to hear she slept for 7 hours -- that is so awesome!

Bree :--) said...

Veronica--we are planning on going to the cabin. I am so excited! I had so much fun last year. I don't know when we'll be there aunt and her family are in town from the 1st to the 6th, and I really want to spend time with them too. So, we'll have to see. You guys are going, right?!?! I miss you and Claire! NEED to see you guys.

Carolyn--thank you!! Lainey is so cute too!! We need to get together. Also, I LOVE that picture with the cracks me up!

liufamily said...

Cutey pie!!! I am thinkin that she looks like you Bree. What a sweet little girl you have. And I must say that the napping pics are always my fav. So fun.

Eliza said...

I love her swirly! Miles has one just like it.

She is getting so big already, so cute!

Mandy said...

i love her little swirly and i also love that half of kj face in the picture of oli holding baby taylor. heehee

shauna said...

That pictre with your dad is priceless. Someday, she will treasure that one.

Her smiley pictures made my eyes water. I wish that I could see that little smile in person.

Someday, we will figure out who to thank (in the spirit world) for those lovely cowlicks we all have.

-KJ said...

Oh my gosh, we could have cropped my face out, OK! Geez. I do love when Oli holds her.

Her swirly is sooooo cute. I love her little noggin!

OK, and that baby with all the fair! Cracks me up. See you tomorrow!

Lyd said...

Oh my heck!! I love them all!! She is so cute!! I love her. I don't know what my favorite is. :D

Maria said...

I love this blog! Taylor is so cute! I love her new smile. =) I can't wait until Brooklyn starts smiling at me.

Erica said...

Taylor is getting so big! Her smile is adorable!! I can't wait for Gwen to start sleeping longer. I hope you guys are doing great!

The Carlsens said...

Hey! Well breastfeeding really helped. For now I am just trying to not eat many sweets and trying to keep a well balanced meal. Smaller meals more often help, especially with nursing. I alternate between aerobic and strength training. I gained more than 50 pounds while pregnant so because I gained so much I have a lot to lose : ) Hope that helps. It is all a lot easier said than done.

The Carlsens said...

One more thing...I think we are blessing our babies on the same day!

Jake and Nicole said...

She is getting so big! You can tell she's yalls baby! HOW FUN! We need to get together again soon!