Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our yard!! YAY!

Eric has been working so hard on our yard, so I thought I'd post some before and after pictures. I absolutely love the yard. Also, one day he surprised me and set this beautiful swing up in the yard, I LOVE it!! Thanks babe!

Lovely, eh?

After Eric brought in dirt, grated it, and seeded. A LOT of work! He is awesome!

Doesn't it look great?? This is just two weeks after he put the seed down!

My swing that I love!!


Alex and Katie said...

Everything looks great. Yourself, your kid, your husband, your house, your fantastic yard! You were in AZ? You should have stopped by to see us. It would have been great. Miss you guys.

Mandy said...

looks perfect. it will be a fun place to take baby taylor out to play. great job eric!

Erica said...

The yard looks great! And that swing . . . it is so fun and beautiful! What a wonderful surprise!

Carolyn said...

Wow, your yard looks fantastic! That must have been a lot of hard work. I love the swing, too. How nice!