Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Taylor Update...Surprised, Anyone?!?

We took Tay for her 4 month appointment (almost a month late!) this last week. She was such a trooper. She only cried after her 4 SHOTS for like 2 minutes, we were so proud of her. But, this time she got a lovely fever for 2 days and was sick and lethargic:(. Poor baby. But, she's doing much better now. Here are some new things about her:

**She weighed in at 14 lbs 11 oz.--56th percentile
**She's 25 in. long--76th percentile
**She LOVES her hands. She will just sit and stare at them for like 5 minutes. Turning them one way, and then the other.
**She can grab her toys in front of her.
**She can take her binky out in about .2 seconds, but can very rarely get it back in. This is the reason we still wrap her up really tight at night, so she can't get her arms out and pull that thing out!
**She LOVES her rice cereal. She makes cute noises while she's eating it.
**She can sit up for about 30 seconds all on her own.
**She sleeps about 7-8 hours at night, then gets fed, then back down for another 3. Usually 11 hours total.
**She takes usually 3 naps a day for about 1-2 hours each.
**She sleeps with two pillows on either side of her and jams her face into them. It is her weird comfort thing. I'm sure that scares some of you, but I've gotten past that now. She seriously loves it!
**She will sit and play by herself without complaining for like 15 minutes.
**Usually when she wakes up she will make a little noise so we know she's awake, and then just wait for a minute without saying anything. If we don't come right then, she'll do it again. Usually she doesn't cry when she's waking up.

We are loving her at every age. Here are some pictures and videos.

How she loves to weird!
Playing with her doll.
She chews on EVERYTHING!
All dressed up for church.
So, I just have been doing a little decorating. I'm not that great at decorating, however I was very excited about this. A lady in our ward welded that, huh!?

Just a cute video of Tay getting all excited to eat her rice cereal. I tried to post a couple other really cute videos, but it was taking my whole life to upload, so maybe it'll have to be another post!

Alrighty, that's all for now!!


Anonymous said...

What a doll head! I loved the video!!

Sarah said...

She is so wonderful!! I love her to bits! Maybe someday I'll meet her in person! Oh, and I LOVE her church outfit, that is adorable!

Erica said...

What a sweetie! She's already eating cereal! It just goes by so fast:) Your decorating looks great too. Love ya.

Cilka said...

Can you believe how fast time flies??? Taylor is getting so big!! I had to stop freaking out when Payton covered her face with her silky blanket....I guess it's a comfort thing!!

Unknown said...


Lyd said...

How cutie!! I love her. haha And I love how excited she gets every time that spoon in full and loaded and is headin towards her. haha

jen and brody said...
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jen and brody said...

I love how her whole body stops moving so she can enjoy each bite like it's the first bite of the most amazing things she's ever eaten. Wait until she's big enough for ice cream! Whoo hoo! She's so cute. It's a good thing she's not a boy or you'd have to worry about her eating you out of house and home in no time! :o)

shauna said...

Watching her eat that cereal made my eyes water. I can remember Eric humming everytime he got a bite of cereal. The only difference between your feeding method and Susan's is that she wiped Eric's mouth EVERY time he took a bite before she would give him another.

I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment.

What a dollie!!! I love her in the Sunday sweet.

Lauren said...

She is so cute and getting BIG!
I love her big blue eyes!
You guys look like you are doing great!

rach said...

She is stinkin so cute!!!! thank you so much for coming up last week that was so nice of you guys it was so fun to see you guys you look amazing bree lets have a mommy day!!!

-KJ said...

This just made me even more sad we didn't get to keep her this week!!! Spence is pretty devastated. He has asked why we didn't take her about 50 times. WE LOVE HER!!!

Well, we still owe you, so get the heck outta town! ;)

Hope your mom is OK!!!

Eldredge greatness said...

LOL! I love your little Taylor! Taylor Tay!

Carolyn said...

She is so darling! What a sweetheart.

And I love how you decorated - it is so cute! Your talents are astounding!

Serena said...

look how cute you guys are!!! I'm glad to see all is well...