Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bottles, Bums, and Birthday's

My baby girl turned 5 months on Saturday. She is the best baby. Her cute little personality has started to come out a lot more...I love it!
This is her with her daddy on her 5 month birthday. Oh, such a cute smile. Everything about her is growing so much...except her hair! Oh well, maybe some day.

Oh how I just love her cute nakie bum! Seriously, before I put her in the bath I sometimes have to take her into the mirror just so I can look at her cute dimply bum! She had just gotten out of the bath and wanted to roll around.

Look how big!! I can't believe she can hold her own bottle!

This is what Eric does EVERY time while he is taking off her dirty diaper. It never fails to crack me up!

Not really much other news. Eric is still going crazy with post-auction stuff. Oh, and we just got his truck back today! His transmission went out twice in 2 months!! This is why I do not ever trust car repair places. How could a BRAND NEW transmission go out one month later?? Hmmm...seems a little fishy to me. Thank goodness for warranty's!


-KJ said...

Ask Kev about transmissions!!! Grrr.

I did the diaper on her head when I watched her, and she totally smiled at me when I did it! She loves that trick of her daddy's.

I love the nakie bums too. Sad that dimply bums are only cute on babies. ;)

Ryan & Lauren Nelson said...

Oh she is so cute!! I can't believe she is holding her bottle, I love it. The transmission thing is so dumb. I would be furious. And gotta love the busy auction stuff! ha ha never ending phone calls:)

Lyd said...

Cutie!! I love it all! So cute. And I love that diaper on the head. I've never seen that before! So funny.

Meghan said...

You have a blog too! Your baby is so stinking super cute! I need to see you guys! We should get together sometime. It sounds like you're in Utah...I'm still in good ol' Provo.

Meghan said...

PS our blog is

Becky said...

So cute! Love the hat on Tay...I usually put the hat on MY head when I'm changing Marley but, it's a WAY better idea to put it on HER head!

I'm with you on the car repair places. Sometimes I wonder if they even changed my oil...I would never know!

liufamily said...

She is getting so big. It seems like so long since we've seen u guys. Thank goodness for blogs. Luv u guys, and give Tay a squish for me.

Jake and Nicole said...

Hey there! 5 months old! WOW! My best friend has a 5 yr old daughter and her hair is still short! I'm sure taylor's will grow but short hair is cute too!!! ;)