Thursday, December 4, 2008

But For Now...

Someday Taylor will be able to crawl and walk and get around all by herself…but for now I love how she reaches her arms up for me to pick her up.

Someday she will be able to tell me what she needs…but for now I love her cute little babbling, and guess work to figure out what it is.

Someday she will got to bed all by herself…but for now I love cuddling with her and holding my sweet baby.

Someday I won’t be changing a billion diapers a day…but for now I love that time when I get her full attention.

Someday she will be aware that my singing voice isn’t that great…but for now I love unabashedly singing to her, and her loving it.

Someday she won’t want me with her while she watches a movie…but for now I love holding her and her laughing after I laugh at something while we watch Baby Einstein.

Someday she will be able to cleanly feed herself…but for now I love working on my patience everyday as she grabs her food and sticks her hand all over the mess on her face.

Someday she will actually call me mama on purpose…but for now I love the times when she accidentally says it, and I get so excited.

Someday she will have teeth to eat normal food…but for now I love her precious gummy smile.

Someday she will stop nursing and taking a bottle…but for now I love holding her while she eats.

Someday she will have other people and friends that she will want to play with…but for now I love being her favorite playmate (aside from Eric).

Someday she will have cute hair…but for now I love her bald head, and hairline resemblance with my dad.

Someday she will sleep all night and actually want to sleep in…but for now I love the early mornings with just her and I, when everything else is quiet and we cuddle in bed.

Basically all I really want to say is that I LOVE little miss Taylor right where she’s at now. We have a ton of fun together, and I love being with her. I am excited for her to learn and grow, but at the same time I don’t want her to grow up too fast. I love you Tay!


Anonymous said...

Im such a boob almost in tears here! That was so sweet... and I love her too!

Cilka said...

Isn't it so fun to watch them grow? I love all the new things that they can do! It seems like they change everyday. Taylor is adorable!

-KJ said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I seriously need to squeeze her!!! It is so sad how fast it all goes. I miss those late night feedings and juicy necks! Now I am running in circles and pulling my hair out. Soon that will be gone too fast too.

Ryan & Lauren Nelson said...

Ok cutest thing ever! You are such a good mom! I LOVE her!!

The Busey Family said...

Hey Bree! How are you? Your little girl is so cute. I like your haircut too. It is very cute.

Sarah said...

So sweet and so true!!!

Becky said...

Cute post and cute little family!

shauna said...

Someday was such a nice phrase. Then you get old and it is all about "remember when".

That was a great post and it made me remember days when I enjoyed life as it was (especially with Ashley...I really loved every minute of her "babyhood").

She is a little dolly face!!!!

Maria said...

I totally know what you mean! I feel like I'm doing better at enjoying "today" than I ever have (I usually look forward to the next weekend, vacation, holiday etc.). It's so fun to be needed so much by a teeny little thing! And even the accidental "mama" melts your heart.