Monday, April 13, 2009

Say Cheese!

OK, so much has happened! This blog is more like a bazillion pictures, so I'll just jump right in...
My sister-in-law Jackie and I went to the Celine Dion concert awhile back. It was awesome. We had pretty high seats, so we decided to try and get new ones. We moved down to the second row hoping no one would notice. We actually got to stay there during the whole opening act. It was awesome. But, we of course got kicked out right before Celine came out. Lame-o. What's up with people showing up an hour into a concert! It was wonderful, though. And, we rode the trax, which was my first time doing that. Fun, fun.

Then later that week me, Eric, Paul and Sue (my in-laws) went to see the comedian Brian Regan up in Logan. He was SO FUNNY!! I just love his stuff and could listen to him forever! So fun.

Tay makes this face to us all the time. She does it a lot when she's eating for some reason.:)

This picture makes me laugh so bad! It is Tay's first pony. I didn't do a very good job. But, how in the world do you get them to sit still?! She did leave it in ALL DAY, and never even tried to pull it out.
Then, Tay and I drove down to Arizona with Eric. She did really well on the drive. We broke it up into 2 days. I think I was more irritated driving that far than she was. That is why we FLEW home! WAY better. 11 hours compared to like a 1 hour 10 min flight! Seriously worth it. Anyway, while we were down there Tay and I took a trip to the Phoenix zoo. The zoo is huge, and so fun. The weather was perfect. This is Tay chillin in some sun glasses while we were there.

Took a break while looking for houses to swing. Oh how she loved that!

Went to the Mesa Temple Easter pageant. It was wonderful.

Tay is a full on walker now. She hardly ever crawls. It's so funny, because she holds her hands up like this when she walks like she used to when we were holding her hands.

I think her Aunt Saren did this to her. She was getting fussy, and this kept her entertained for a little bit.

We got to go to General Conference for the Saturday morning session. It felt so good to be there and to listen to the inspired messages and feel the spirit. It was good to not have Tay there so I could actually focus. Definitely uplifting.

Aunt Saren taking Tay for a ride. It was pretty funny.

Just being cute.Kjersten (my sis-in-law) and I just taking the kids out for a walk.

Oh, HAPPY EASTER! She looked so cute in her little dress. We had a great Easter being able to spend time with both families. We will definitely miss that when we move!!

Tay got some bubbles for Easter, and she loves them!

No official house down in Arizona yet. A few offers in, so we'll see what happens. We'll keep you posted.


Lauren Maley said...

that little dress was one of my favorites that i saw at the kohls. LOVE IT! i'm glad you decided to fly back from AZ, long trips are hard for little ones and hard for moms!

Alison said...

I love her Easter dress. She is such a ham for the camera!

Ryan & Lauren Nelson said...

ha ha oh my gosh!! The sun glasses picture is killing me! I love it!! And cutest Easter dress ever! I am so happy you guys had fun in AZ!

Carolyn said...

Tay looks so cute in her Easter dress! She is adorable.

All of your adventures sound like fun - the concert, the comedy show, going to conference...good times!

Becky said...

Great pictures and great fun! I'm glad you posted, it's been a little while but, it sounds like you guys have been busy! Tay is so cute! They grow so fast! Marley isn't walking yet but we try to get to her try. It's fun!

I didn't know you guys are moving to AZ. My cousins live there and LOVE IT! Good luck with everything! Miss you Bree!

-KJ said...

I LOVE that second to last picture. TOO CUTE!

Jake and Nicole said...

She looks so cute in her Easter dress! Sure taking on Eric's looks!! She's adorable! Hope yall are doing well. Good luck with the big move!

Lindsey said...

Your pictures are all so cute! Taylor is so adorable! I just love her Easter dress! We are gonna miss you guys so much!

aubrey. said...

she is so big! ah! i can not believe it! so cute.