Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hi! Well, life has been crazy around here lately. But, we are loving it! We moved to Tolleson, AZ (just outside of Phoenix) on June 3rd. The move went really, really well. Only a couple broken things and a little ding on our table, no big deal. Eric's dad drove the moving truck down for us, and left at 4 AM! Talk about a good dad! Thank you sooo much (I KNOW he will never read this, but thanks anyway!). Eric and I split the trip up and spent the night in Vegas with Tay, and then drove to Arizona the next day. Tay was really good in the car.

Once we got here I was REALLY excited to see the house. I had seen it once before, but I didn't remember it, because we saw seriously like 50 other homes. We were looking at homes that were in the upcoming auction, and we had no idea which one we would get, and what would be in our price range. Eric got the house at an auction for a killer deal. Anyway, I love the house!! It is a rambler, which is what I really wanted. It it about double the size of our other house. It has 4 bedrooms, and a really open floor plan. It is so fun to watch Tay. She loves all the open space. It's funny, because in our other house I would always know where she was, because basically I could see anywhere in the house. Here, I have to go find her sometimes. She'll be playing in a back bedroom, or shut herself in the bathroom (naughty!). It is really fun. I took a bunch of pictures of our new place, but of course I can't find the camera cord. So, when that is found, I will post all the pictures of our new place. We have lots of plans for it. We want to paint, do a backsplash, paint the cabinets, get the carpet cleaned, and a little decorating. But, all in good time! ha. We're not in a huge hurry, because we still love it the way it is.

In other news, our Utah house in UNDER CONTRACT!!! We got an offer in the day before we moved out! It was such an answer to our prayers. This is exactly the way the Lord works in my life. Things ALWAYS work out, but usually it happens right at the last second! I swear this is because I am such a planner, that the Lord is trying to show me who's in charge!! haha I love it. Thanks for all the prayers for our house. It is a really cute young couple with no kids. They are really nice. Hopefully all will go through, and it will close the end of this month! Exciting!

But, we really miss our families and friends in Utah. It definitely is not the same. Especially since I always have to watch Tay, no dropping her off at Grandma's house or with her aunts! Oh how I took that for granted! My one saving grace is that Eric's sister and brother are down here with their families! That is sooo nice. We love hanging out with them. Eric's sister just moved here, and lives only 10 minutes away, and they have a POOL!! It is awesome.

We also just barely got back from Vegas, where we went to Eric's cousin's wedding. It was a great sealing, and the reception was beautiful! Loved it, and loved seeing all our family. They are so much fun to be with.

Tay is doing well with the transition. She sleeps well in her new room. I love that her room is on the other side of the house, because now I can actually do things during her nap without waking her up. It is a beautiful thing! She "talks" ALL the time now. It is the cutest thing ever. She jabbers the entire day, I love it. She is saying more and more real words too. But, she is also getting pretty fiesty. She has learned the word no, and likes to tell me no multiple times a day. She also just learned how to open our doors, and can get into the pantry and bathrooms!! Ahhhh. Sure keeps me busy. She is so smart. She grabs my hand and takes me to whatever she wants, usually to the door so she can go outside. Also, she will get in her cupboard and bring me a sippy cup when she is thirsty. Such a good girl. We went swimming yesterday, and she loved it. She was so happy. She didn't even cry when her head went under the water a couple of times! ha, whoops!

This post is getting long. I'll post a few pictures of our last house all finished. Eric did such a good job with it.
I'll post pictures of the new house as soon as I find the cord!


Malerie said...

Glad the move went well. It is amazing how things do always work out...eventually. Can't wait to see pictures of your new house. Your last one was darling!

Alison said...

Wow, your house in Utah is gorgeous! You guys really made it look good. I would totally move there! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your new place.

Also, the picture of Taylor as a little baby in your last post is so cute! Our little guy is due in a couple weeks and we saw him in an ultrasound last week, and he had chunky cheeks that looked a lot like hers! It made me look forward (even more than I already do) to finally meeting the little guy.

Erica said...

Your house turned out SOOO great! I love it! The tile on the porch and the lanscaping really gives it a lot of color. I am glad that the move went well and that you like your new house so much:)

Lindsey said...

Your house looks so amazing! I absolutely love it! We miss you guys so much. We hung out with Ray and Georgia the other night and they kept talking about you. They've never had such wonderful neighbors!

Knitex bd. said...

very glad to know abt u thanks- chandan from Bangladesh.