Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh. I HAVE to post more often. There are a bazillion pictures!! Sorry. We've been VERY busy around here. I also have to take more pictures with Eric and I...we have NONE! Enjoy Miss Taylor.

Loving mom's shoes.

We tried to move her to her big girl room. yeah, that lasted 1.5 nights. ha. She hated it, and I'm not ready to give up a good napper! Little miss Ellie will be sleeping in her bassinet for a few months. I'm sure she won't mind:).

Wow, so far behind! Yes, this is Easter. Right after her nap. We had a great Easter. Tay loved looking for the eggs. She ate the candy for weeks!
Just my cutie face.

We took Tay to Chuck E Cheese while we were visiting in Utah. She FRREAKED out when we first tried to put her on the rides. It took her a long time to warm up to it. But, then she loved it! She kept asking for more monies to put in the rides.

This picture speaks for itself...the night before the 1st big potty training day. All the essentials.

She has done SO, SO well. 7 accidents the first day:(, then only 1 the next. We haven't had more than 1 accident any single day since then, and most days she doesn't have any. It's officially been a week. I'm really proud of her! She will probably regress when the baby gets here, but that's ok. At least she knows the basics. I'm glad I decided to do it before the baby, because I don't think I would have the time or energy to devote to it for MONTHS after the baby is born. It was a full-time job! But worth it.

So, we almost can't go to the park anymore. It's super hot here already. But, some mornings we get ready early and head out to the park. She loves, loves, loves swinging. She also FINALLY will go down the slides by herself. This makes the park experience a little more enjoyable for me!
Happy birthday morning! She is too cute when she wakes up. Happy girl!

We went with her friend Eli to get some frozen yogurt on her birthday. It was super fun, and yummy!
Birthday strawberry shortcake with her cousins.

Blowing out her "candles". She grabbed the match right after this and burned a sad little blister on her finger.

My anniversary flowers. Happy 4 years to us:). We went and got Thai food, went to the mall, and got some cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. It was awesome.

Our happy girl today. Just had to show that I got her hair in 1 pony. This is even after nap, which usually destroys her hair. It was SOOO cute when we went to church, and WAY easy to do. YAY.

Well, I wish I could say I'd be doing another post before the baby's born, but...that will probably not happen. I'm feeling great, and dialated to a 3. Down to weekly appointments, and a little over 3 weeks to go. Getting super excited to see this little one!


Ryan & Lauren Nelson said...

Ha ha I love the picture of her on Easter, right after her nap! She is the cutest! I am so happy that the potty training has gone so well!! Yay! Baby Ellie is getting so close to being here, I can't even wait! Hopefully I will be down there when she is born! So exciting!!

Seth said...

Ummm....I hope that picture of her on the potty trainer stays on the internet for approximately the next twenty years. It will be great for a slideshow to all potential suitors. If there's one thing in life that I have yet to do, but I know I will love, it's got to be embarrassing my future children. It's going to be so much fun ;) I guess that's a little of my dad running in me. Also, if you wouldn't mind updating your blog like once a month, that would be great. TIA.

aubrey said...

oh my gosh she is getting so BIG! adorable pictures. you are seriously gorgeous bree. miss you.

Saren Atkisson said...

Oh man I miss you guys so much! Those pictures are super cute! I am sad I can't come there this summer. :(

Maria said...

Great job on the potty training Tay! Wow, isn't it kind of like being a free woman? You may have to run her to the potty all the time, but NO MORE POOPY DIAPERS! I love having Brookie potty trained. I'm so glad Tay did so well. Good job, and happy anniversary! Can't wait until the new one comes along!

Carolyn said...

good luck with these last few weeks! Tay is so adorable. Happy late anniversary, and I'm glad you're all doing well!

marleah said...

I can't believe she learned to potty train so fast. What a smart girl! You look so cute prego. I love all the pics! Miss you guys!