Sunday, February 25, 2007

Eric & Ry Flip That House

Y'all have heard of the new house flipping craze eh, well Ry and I just flipped a house in Payson, UT and we're just waiting to get it sold. It was a real cool house that strangly used to be the home of a prominent phisician who used the basement as his hospital. We found all kinds of wierd turn of the century surgical equipment that faired more like midevil torture devices. So we cast Satan out and began the remodle. We probably did a little more to the house than we needed, but it was a good learning curve, a fun project, and turned out great. This is a clip of Ry Dog spraying some of the new trim in the lower torture dungeon where the screams of the dead can still be heard pleading for novicane to be shot into their miserable corpses with large rusty steel syringes. The guy with the paint roller is really Hanible Lector, which we didn't find out until he signed his check! No wonder he kept licking the floor where we found all the human fluids. Huh...wierd.


-KJ said...

That was the fun part of the whole process 'cause you were just standing there with the camera! Just kidding! Spencer is wearing a VL t-shirt to night for jammies!

Lyd said...

Yeah, Ry gave me that shirt! haha Ry looks like a hard core somethin'. I can't think of anything, maybe like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bad guy or somethin'.

Alli Fantastico said...

Good thing Ryan covered up his chompers, wouldn't wanna get paint on them thangs!