Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Well hello everyone! Let’s see, where did I last leave off? Oh yes, I was 5 weeks on the prego side. Since my last post I have felt really great. Only a few days where I haven’t been too excited about how I feel, a little stomach pain and a lovely head cold. For this very reason I started getting nervous, thinking that maybe I was making this whole pregnant thing up. I thought, how embarrassing is this going to be when I go to my first doctor’s appointment, and the lady’s all…And you’re here because? So, I got to my appointment, and told the lady that I had this weird fear that I wasn’t really pregnant. The doctor said that that wasn’t a weird fear because she has to tell at least one girl A DAY that they aren’t pregnant! What?! Anyway, so she said just to make me feel better she would do an ultrasound so we could SEE the baby! I was sooo excited. So, Eric and I got to see our little peanut head (we call it this because it looks just like a peanut). You can see the head and feet/tail! I so wish we had a scanner so I could show it to you guys! It’s little heart was beating like a million times a minute. It was awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing for some reason, and it kept shaking the ultrasound thing all over da place. Anyway, then I got to have a lovely pap smear and lots of blood work—oh so fun! So, I am currently 10 ½ weeks along (that ½ is really important to me!).

For some strange reason people keep finding it necessary every time they ask me how I’m doing and I say great, they think they need to tell me, “Oh just wait, it gets way worse. I was great during my first trimester too, then it turned out awful!” Seriously, is that necessary? Why would you tell me that…can’t you just let me have a great pregnancy?! Huh, huh?! My gosh, it drives me nuts. Or the people who are like…Oh man, you have a LONG way ahead of you! I swear, if I were complaining about it then you could say that to me, but I don’t say anything to them, and they have to say that to me. So dumb. Anyway, enough of that.

I am finally starting to get into the routine of my job. It has taken me a long time to adjust…at least it feels like it to me. It’s weird going from being in school all the time where you can kind of choose if you want to go, or when you want to do what to something where it’s hours upon hours of the same thing, and you HAVE to go no matter what. Also, it’s been hard for me because I know that as soon as I have my baby I’m not working anymore for who knows how long (hopefully A LONG time!), so it just seems so temporary to me that I haven’t been putting my heart into it. But, I do love most of the kids. I have some pretty annoying ones too, but the little kids are so dang cute. Also, every other week I switch off and work in the preschool doing speech lessons and centers, and that is so fun. It’s a completely autistic preschool in the morning (which is very challenging—all nonverbal!), and then the afternoon class is all kids that have some sort of disability, usually pretty severe. So, it proves for some interesting days in there…but they are sooo cute!

So, as some of you know a couple weeks ago I spent a lame week by myself while Eric was with his fam in Mexico! Blasted job…yet another reason I’m excited to not work for a long time. It was a long week, but it really wasn’t horrible, I spent tons of time hanging out with my family, then had two girls nights that weekend. Still though, I so wish I could’ve been with all of them!

Anyway, enough for now. I’ll see some of you in Vegas for Chelsea’s wedding, and those of you who I don’t see, we seriously need to have a girls night—that’s you too Mandy and Alli!! No excuses!! Just kiddin, we should come to you, especially when it starts to get all sick and cold here!


Mandy said...

yes you must come visit us!!
i know what you mean about people saying the dumbest/meanest things to pregnant women. i guess alot of the time they seem more obnoxious because our hormones are out of whack, but still. i always hated when people would ask me how far along i was and then they would say "man you are huge. are you sure your arent having twins?"
well i hope you have a great pregnancy and all i can say is just try to let those stupid comments roll off your back.
you need to post some prego pics so we can see how you are growing!

Eliza said...

How fun! That first ultrasound is so much fun. I just makes it so real! That was my favorite momment with my 4 cause it was proof!

EVERYONE has advice when you are pregnant. I'll try and keep my mouth shut until you ask ;)

Girls night.... I'm there! I think Kj needs to plan it since she is the busiest. I really have no life.

liufamily said...

It's fun that you got to see the peanut!!! I am so excited to see you at the wedding. When are you comming down?

Bree :--) said...

Mandy-I would post prego pics, but you can't really tell anything it would just be some dumb picture of me standing there trying to stick my stomach out!! No thanks...I'm sure soon I'll start to show...who knows!

Eliza-I am always open for advice, give me whatevah you got.

Stacy-that is a good question, I don't know yet when we're coming down. We booked tickets to see a play at Tuachan on Thursday night and then just drive to Vegas after that...but that was before Chelsea's shower was on Thursday. We had plans here with some people on Wednesday night, but we might see if we can switch everything around and see the play on Wednesday then be down there that night. I already missed her first shower (which I forgot to call you and tell you I wouldn't be there--SORRY), so I don't want to miss this one too!! Anyway, we'll see...kinda up to Eric to see when he wants to leave, I have fall break Thursday and Friday that week, so I'm good to go! I am so excited to come down and see everyone!!

Sarah said...

So, what is your EDD (estimated due date) anyway? I am still so stinkin' excited for you guys! I'm so glad that you are feeling awesome and I can't wait to see you guys!

Alli Fantastico said...

YES COME SEE US! I'm so excited for you and little E! I think about it every day! Also, you guys find someone to use those tickets at Tuacahn? We'll buy them from ya! Let me know.

Also, I'm sure you don't want to hear this but...


Bree :--) said...

EDD?? It is April 30...sounds like a great day to me! Get to be done with work one month early...take that suckas!

shauna said...

I had my first pregnancy 35 years ago, so I don't want to give any old fashioned advice...However, one thing I can tell you is enjoy your peanut while he/she is in there, because the work REALLY begins when they come out!!!!!

-KJ said...

Hooray! A new post! I agree Bree (since we already talked about this), forget the negative stuff. I had great pregnancies! I am sure you will too! Nothin' to be scared of. We are so excited!!!!
Mandy, Bree won't show for another 6 months! Seriously. She is so tiny! I am sure once she does it will be a perfect littly tummy! So cute! I love pregnant girls! Bree, if you want to look at and borrow any of my prego clothes just let me know!
Oh yea, girls night out will be when we get back from the wedding!

Bree :--) said...

Hey KJ, I would totally call you, but I LOST MY PHONE!! Dang pregnancy;). Anyway, if it doesn't work out to drive to Vegas with tu madre, you are welcome to come with us. We're leaving on Wednesday when I get outta school about 4:00. You can meet us at our place and leave your car there, and we can totally fit into my roomie car...right? You really don't want to drive two cars back, I'm sure.

Anyway, how was the ol hair appointment? I went dark too, but the dang lady put like two red stripes in it! Oh well, I'm totally lookin punky now-sweet! If it's too bad I may have to go to your place sometime when we get back and have you fix can help me decide. Anyway, call Eric and let him know what you wanna do about driving down there-you are more than welcome. We're just gonna drive straight there on Wednesday, spend the day Thursday there, then drive to St. George Thursday for the play and back again that night...I know, crazy. Anyway, let me know.

-KJ said...

I might take you up on it! I will know for sure tomorrow. It depends on when my mom leaves and when our shutters are done being installed (hooray for no more fish bowl living). Thanks for thinking of us!