Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday Eric Dear

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best husband in the whole wide world! I don’t know how I got so lucky to get you. You are the love of my life!!! Today is your 31st birthday (whoa), so I will write 31 reasons why I love you…

  1. You are the best daddy in the whole wide world (see cute picture below!)
  2. You burp and change dirty diapers at all hours of the night
  3. You are patient with me
  4. You’re hot
  5. You know how to fix everything
  6. You work SO hard
  7. You let me be independent
  8. You like me for me, even when I’m hard to get along with
  9. You’re very Christ like
  10. You make me want to be a better person
  11. You never judge anyone
  12. You never talk bad about anybody
  13. You are so funny, you make me laugh everyday
  14. You love my family
  15. You will do the cleaning, or laundry, or anything around the house
  16. You are very smart
  17. You are a great business man
  18. You have whacky but good ideas
  19. You are random
  20. You’re never critical of me
  21. You’re always the first to apologize (usually within like 30 seconds)
  22. You’re very humble
  23. You’re creative
  24. You eat and act like you like any dinner I make, even if it’s sick
  25. You always tell me how grateful you are for me
  26. You honor your priesthood
  27. You have a strong testimony and love the gospel
  28. You listen to me and let me be a big bawl face whenever I need to
  29. You support my decisions
  30. You’re protective of us

I love you so much! You are the best example to me. Someday I want to be like you. Happy birthday!!! LOVE YOU!


Mandy said...

happy birthday eric! that is such a cute daddy daughter picture. :)

Jake and Nicole said...

So sweet! Yall are cute! thanks for coming to see us, it was fun. We'll have to get together again!

-KJ said...

OH, that little bag of beans is so cute! The baby is cute too. ;)

Happy Birthday E!!! We love your guts! You are the best older brother I have ever had!

aleda nelson said...

That is the sweetest love letter and happy birthday message in the world and I agree with everything! ET is a very, very special fellow. I'm glad he has someone who appreciates him so much. Happy belated Birthday Eric!

-KJ said...

ENOUGH! Aleda has commented on all my siblings blogs but my own. Officially jealous. K, maybe if I had something cool to blog about...

I better go have a baby, get remarried or shave my head.

shauna said...

Happy Birthday, daddy you. It's about time and it looks like it's the right time.

and Kj...enough of the pity party, missy!!!A!!

-KJ said...

Apparently, I am not the only one who can't read sarcasm! ;)

Eliza said...

or maybe you still can't kj...HAHA

Anyway, so cute and so thoughtful!

Eliza said...

and yes I saw the ;) but just had to say it...sometimes I should bite my tongue harder but then it is just you and you get it so THERE!

shauna said...

I know, I have never been sarcastic in my life...that is why I don't get it? (Was that sarcastic enough :)...

Love you, KJ

-KJ said...

I still sensed it. I just had to retaliate. If I am having a pity party they are much more vocal and animated.
Yes Shauna, your sarcasm to me as a child (as well as Kathy's and Richard's) scared the crap out of me. It just took a little maturity for me to realize how freakin' hilarious you guys were. Didn't we just talk about that this weekend, Liza? you jerks.

Lyd said...

And those are all true facts. Eric is one of my biggest examples. Love you man. Sorry I can't say that you're the best oldest brother that I ever had because I have 2 of the greatest oldest brother's anyone could have!!!! :D

Eldredge greatness said...

Bree! hey you! I hope you are doing well. You look so great. Hows your new house treating you? and your beautiful little Taylor? She is so cute. Happy birthday to your husband. He is so great. 31? holy COW. remember when we thought that was old? not anymore! Everything is going pretty well over here. I hope you dont feel like I dont want to come over, this having a 4 year old and then two babies? It is sooooo hard. Im not gonna lie. whooo.. I like never go out any more. Well i hope htat only lasts for a few more months. I only go out if josh is with me. write to me let me know how you are. you cute little momma

Michelle said...

I didn't know you and Spencer's birthdays are so close. Happy Birthday!