Monday, July 28, 2008

Smiles, Tears, and a Thumb Sucker??

I cannot believe Taylor is almost 3 months!! It’s a weird thing though, because as much as I can’t believe she’s 3 months old, it also feels like we’ve had her for WAY longer than that! She is growing so quickly. It makes me sad and excited all at the same time. I am trying really hard not to keep looking forward to things that are coming up for her (belly laughing, sitting up, eating solid food, etc), but to really enjoy where she’s at right now. I thought I LOVED the newborn stage, and I did, but I absolutely love where she’s at right now. She is the sweetest baby I could have ever hoped for. She has such a mellow personality. She is so smiley and talkative. She basically lets Eric and I do whatever we want to do, and she just is so happy to come along for the ride. For example, the other day we went to dinner and she was so good. Then, we went to the driving range (which I was horrible at—but am excited to learn) and she just sat in her stroller and didn’t make a peep the whole entire time. It was so fun. We have gone down to Vegas twice now and she has been an angel the whole time. We have only had to stop once each way to feed her. Anyway, here are just some little fun fact about her…mostly so I don’t forget!

*At her two month appointment she weighed 11 ½ pounds—the 53rd percentile. She has gained almost 3 pounds since she was born.

*She was 23 ½ inches long—the 76th percentile. She has grown 4 ½ inches since she was born.

*Her head was in the 37th percentile.

*She smiles all the time. But, sometimes I will be trying to get her to smile for like 5 minutes, and she won’t, then she’ll catch a glimpse of the ceiling fan out of the corner of her eye and will give the biggest smile. I think sometimes she just gets a little tired of me!

*She does a cute little laugh. Not a full out laugh yet, but it’s still sooo precious.

*SHE ROLLED OVER. Yes, on Saturday she did her first roll, and has done it everyday since. So, now we are being better about putting her in her crib for nap time. This is a good and a bad thing. I am so excited that she did it, but then I have to be much more careful where I put her.

*She doesn’t mind being in her car seat at all. She usually falls asleep pretty fast in the car. This makes it nice for me, because I get nervous driving very far with just her and I. We did have one bad experience already which involved crying so hard she wasn’t breathing, and me nursing her on the side of the highway!! Oh so fun!

*She USUALLY sleeps through the night. But, she hasn’t totally mastered that, last night was evidence of that. She went to bed at 11, was up at 1, then 3:30, then 5, then 7:30! What the?!?! So really, I should be taking a nap now! Usually she sleeps from like 11-5, or 11-6. Not too bad.

*She takes pretty good naps during the day. We’re not on a schedule yet, because we’ve just been gone too much. Lately she’s just been napping on the go. But, she’s really easy going, so this doesn’t seem to bother her too much.

*She’s getting really good with her hands. Well, sort of good. She can pull her binky out with no problem, but she cannot seem to get it back in, unless she rolls on top of it, which she did this morning. I will be ecstatic when she figures out how to get that back in. She has started grabbing at my hair. She is really fascinated with her face, though. She pushes her cheeks in with both hands, it is so cute. She has also found her ears, and loves to grab and them and pull them. The first day she did this I thought for sure she had an ear infection. I called my mom and the doctor to see if they thought she did. Turns out she just found her ears!

*She sucks on her hands a lot. Only once did she ever suck her thumb. (See pic below)

*She spits up like crazy! (See picture below)

*She loves Eric. I swear she gets tired of seeing me. When he comes home she is all talky-talky to him. I love it!

*She loves to watch TV. Her and Eric will just sit and watch together…she definitely gets this from him—I’m not a big TV watcher.

*She loves when I read her stories. She gets really excited and really stares at the pictures.

*When she gets excited she pumps her arms and legs up and down really fast. Or, she looks like she is riding a bike.

*She LOVES her bath. The other day Eric gave her like a 20 minute bath, and she would have stayed in there much longer if we would let her. I’m excited to take her swimming, we’ll see if she likes it.

I love my little girl sooo much. She is such a great baby, and a huge blessing to Eric and I.

Baby Tay trying soo hard to hold those cheeks up! Yeah, I think she's not quite ready for this chair yet, but it was a good try!

Soo sweet. This is the one and only time she has found her thumb. It was precious.

This is her lovely spit up. Gotta love it.

Yes, it was tough to get a picture with her and I. This was right before she had to go get all her shots at the doctors. Poor thing.

I loved this picture. All so sleepy.

Taylor and Claire holding hands. I can't believe how much bigger Claire is than Taylor. They grow sooo fast!:(

Just a goofy picture of Spencer and baby Tay.

Great Grandma. This was at Grandma's 80th birthday party. I'm sure Taylor loves her, even though she's making a funny face!
So sweet. We appreciated this sleeping pose, her holding the bink and all.

**Also, funny/sad story about her 2 month doctor's appointment. I asked Sue (Eric's mom) to go with me to get her shots for some support, I just knew I would be a bawling mess. Well, Sue held her binky in while they gave the shots (5 of them!!), and I stood off to the side not watching. They handed her to me as soon as they put the band-aids on. She was soo sad, and was bawling like a champ. Anyway, I did alright. I was oh so sad for her, but no tears. But, Sue on the other had was a little bit of a crying mess. So much for the support!!:)


Sarah said...

What a sweet baby! Shots are always hard, but good for you for bringing support!!

Jana said...

Too cute!!

Jana said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh I want to comment on every single thing. I too have to admit that I loved my little new born but love even more this stage b/c I feel like you get to know them more. And it feels like they actually know you and love their Mom! It gets better and better. But it's sad to see them grow so fast. I feel like the more personality they get and the more tricks they learn, the harder it is to take them places. But I love that you don't let her schedule stop you from going out and enjoying things. I just lug poor Claire around too. I would get crazy just staying home so I didn't miss a nap time. Claire gets way more excited when she sees her Dad too. I think our babies get sick of seeing the Mom all day. I should have brought support for the shoots too. Man I was a mess. And it was even harder when she started crying real tears. Oh my heart just breaks! Then when I call Brock after to tell him how awful it was I cry all over again. Oh so emotional. Now that I've written a novel I'm realizing we just don't get to see each other enough to chat. It will be fun to see you guys at Ry's wed!

-KJ said...

I loved that! Oh, how I laughed that you didn't cry and my mom did! That happed to me too! I can't wait to see her Sunday in her pretty dress!!!

The Carlsens said...

I have been wondering how your daughter is doing. Our babies are just at such a FUN stage!

Michelle said...

She is so sweet!

Cilka said...

Hey Bree! This is Cilka, your neighbor from Roylance Apartments. I found your blog through Nicole's. It sounds like you are having fun being a mom. I am too. I love it!!! Our blog is scottandcilka. Hope all is well!!


Ellis Family said...

Bree, I was excited to find your blog from a link on Nicole Pead's. I've missed you and have been wondering how you and your baby are doing. I'm glad to hear all your good news. I'm due in 2 weeks. Can you believe it?!! I'm also having a girl! Yea!!! We have a blog too. ttp:// Love ya, Kristen

Eldredge greatness said...

Oh, Im so glad you are enjoying mother hood. Its the best!