Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Haircut and Other Miscellaneous Things

I had another GREAT trip up to Utah over my birthday in August. It was sooo fun to see my brother Curtis. We had a fabulous time. We were sad that Eric couldn't come with us.

While we were there we took a family picture...minus Eric:(

Saren and Tay playing at the park...cuties

Lovin those popsicles! Oh, I think I'm going to have one right now!:) Yummy

Hannah's new haircut. Love it.

All the kids went up to Park City. We rode the zipline and went shopping at the outlet mall.

Tay's first haircut. I forgot to take a before picture. But, let's just say it was looking a little like a mullet! Ha She actually did really well while Kjersten cut her hair.

All cleaned up.

Tay practically swimming on her own.;) Look at those lips!

Olivia doing a dive into the pool...she's pretty good at belly flopping!

Yeah...Eric decided to do her hair one day, don't ask!

My sweet, sweet 16 month old girl. She pretty much refuses to have pictures taken of her, so this is the best we can get! I'm hoping she gets out of that stage pretty quick!

Tay's new rain boots. Her and Olivia got matching ones. Found those cute things on just another too-hot-to-be-outside day spent at Target!

Just playing at the little fountain thing at an outdoor mall. Good times.

We painted our office area and kitchen island red. It was really stupid trying to take pictures of them...but here's what I got.


Saren Atkisson said...

Cute I love it! I love tay's striped leggings and the picture of me and tay at the park! Oh and great job the house looks amazing!

Unknown said...
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Ryan & Lauren Nelson said...

ha ha I love the boots! Her hair cut is also so cute. The red looks so amazing!! How fun. Miss you guys tons!

aubrey said...

oh i love that red!
+tay is getting so big!
i love that you guys play in the water to stay cool so fun!

curttalkthai said...

Cute pics, B. The red looks good too. Question: Why are there no pics of me holding/playing with Taylor Layne? There need to be pictures of that! (Here's your comment...)

The Carlsens said...

I really do hate running so I know exactly what you mean. Once I started making myself go running I have kinda gotten into it. More so then I ever thought I would!

Carolyn said...

Wow, Tay is getting so big! How exciting to have her first haircut. And your house looks so good! I hope you guys are doing well.

Karol said...

I want some rainboots like Tay's!! So cute! And I love the red! :)

Adele said...

Hey, so I had no clue that you had a blog until you commented on mine! Yay! Your little girl is SO beautiful! I cannot believe she is 16 months old already! That red is gorgeous! I love red walls!

-KJ said...

Um. Thanks for not getting my face in that shot of me cutting her hair. Seriously.

Erica said...

Aww! I love Tay's crazy hair! Your kitchen and office looks great:). I bet it is so fun to have Tay in the pool alot. My kids are both afraid of water because they are never around it. We'll see how Geoffrey does in swimming lessons;)! I am glad you are all well! Love you!

Background said...

good post bree, i know its kinda old but its still good.
oh and hey, can you put that pic of me with the new haircut on Fbook? Thanks love ya :)

Lindsey said...

Bree! Taylor is such a doll!!! She is so cute. I love her haircut and her boots. I also love the red you painted. It looks fabulous!!!