Thursday, March 22, 2007

Making of The New (old) Dump Truck "Oscar the Grouch"

Well... we finally got our new dump truck done which should save us a butt "load" on dumpster fees (approx $750+ per house). Ry and I decided to paint the truck in a cool black with hot lime green trim/racing stripes in honor of Oscar the Grouch; since the truck's main job is to haul trash! P.S. Let us know if any of you see a cool metal Oscar mineature we can weld on as a hood ornament. Here is a timeline of our progress so you can enjoy the bloody, sweaty journey with us.

Making of the Box.

Ry grinding.

Still grinding.

Ry welding, and my sweet comments.

Box almost complete.

Box on the truck. Yep we lifted the whole frame on the truck ourselves, actually we flipped the truck upside down on top of the box, then welded it, then flipped it back over on the wheels. Did I mention that we carved the box frame from a single block of steel?

On the next blog you'll actually be able to see the truck painted and in action! Also stay tuned to Ry's blog for a cool clip of him grinding his face off with a high speed wire brush that turned his face into hangiburger until we welded his chin back on. Blood, sweat, and tears baby... but could you give less for such a sexy piece of machinery?


Alli Easley said...

SWEET! I want a dump truck, foreedo. I also had a dream that I was you guys' "Ginger" ala Flip This House. I'd rock at it, so yeah, lets hook up yo.


Lyd said...

Hey, can I borrow that welding mask and torch so that I can scare my roommies? I think that it would make them all pee their pants. Or maybe I can just weld my FHE bros door shut. Now that would be some funny shiz!

-KJ said...

Did Ry say rectal burns? OHHHH, RETINAL burns! Now it makes sense. Just playin.

Alli, you must wear heels at all times and carry around a little dog.

Eliza said...

and have the nasty humid hair.

-KJ said...

For sure. Doesn't she have big teeth too? Something is weird when she talks.

Alli Easley said...

Big teeth and a southern accent. I'm down. I can do that.

R. A. L. III. said...

Sweet! Im glad Jesse was doing the real work (on the tile) while you 2 were playing with the wimpy steel doing your cute welding and grinding!